Guaranteed Email Delivery

Posted on December 22nd, 2015

Using Mail.Baby commercial anti spam technology, InterServer shared hosting offers guaranteed email delivery of valid, non spam, and non bulk emails through the shared hosting service with the addition of compromised email detection and spam blocking. A compromised email account will be automatically detected preventing problems such as IP blacklisting. See our Private Email Hosting page for more details. Here is what InterServer offers:

Email Security

  • InterServer uses fuzzy signature technology, checking the content of each email message against a real-time updated database of known spam signatures. A sudden uptick of spam messages identified in this way may trigger rate limiting or blocking of a sender while protecting privacy.
  • InterServer tracks dozens of minute-by-minute statistics about each email sender. Unusual trends in message volume, suspicious content, recipient validation failures and other statistical signals enable identification of spammers.
  • InterServer consults external databases such as domain and IP reputation services to identify email messages relating to known spammers.
  • InterServer analyzes responses from email receivers to gauge whether receivers like the email being sent by your users, applications, and scripts. Based on this feedback, spammers can be identified even before other signals indicate a problem.

Email Management Features

InterServer provides easy-to-understand non-delivery reports (NDRs) when email is rejected, helping users resolve their own delivery challenges. A link provided in each NDR takes the user to an information page where they review all of the email sent from their address as well as their responses.

Whats covered under guaranteed email delivery?

Email used under normal circumstances will be sent from non blacklisted ips, which constant monitoring once all spam checks have passed. The guaranteed email delivery must pass all the anti spam checks. Email deemed spammy or abusive will bounce to the sender with the error message.

Whats not covered under guaranteed email delivery?

Bulk email, mailing lists and email considered abusive, spammy, or not following generally accepted email practices. A high bounce rate, such as emails sent to non existent would be considered abusive.

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12 Responses to “Guaranteed Email Delivery”

  1. Gaile Connolly says:

    I am in process of selecting a new company to provide my web hosting service needs. I develop websites using ASP with Access databases. I need to be able to script automatic email messages sent from the website when contact forms are submitted and when certain events occur, such as a person registering for membership in an organization on its website. I also need to provide the website owners with ability to compose an email message and select a list of their members (using the database) to whom personalized copies of the message will be sent. This would mean that up to 100 copies of the same message would be sent in rapid succession. Will this be possible to do or will your tools decide it is spam?

    Thank you.

  2. Joseph Deir says:

    What service do you use when I join and set up email accounts…. Squalmail Roundcube …. OX open exchange,
    ? Is that what we get when we open a hosting package ? Can we order other mail services like OX if you don`t have it ? Smartermail ? ATmail ?

  3. Maykel Constantin says:

    This is really true! all my emails are Guaranteed Email Delivery never lose any email in/out

  4. Dhananjay Kumar Pandey says:

    I am hosted my web site on your server and purchase domain from your company. ” InterServer shared hosting offers guaranteed email delivery of valid, non spam, and non bulk emails through the shared hosting service with the addition of compromised email detection and spam blocking ”
    Quoting to this line
    Mail sent from my domain going to SPAM /Junk mail on client side , i am trying to fixed this issue by your team but last one week no proper solution all mail going through your IP treated as SPAM i have 2 domain hosted on your sever , Mail from both domain treated as SPAM
    Please look in this issue and try to help me. you can get my details by my mail ID



  6. Carol Moore says:

    So we are presently looking for a new host. We are presently with Arvixe as a host and for two years now we have had an email problem that they can’t seem to resolve. We are unable to send emails out to congregation members that have an aol account or an yahoo account. How or what does your host can do to ensure I would be able to send emails out to members?

  7. Tengiz Tutisani says:

    Hello. I have an existing website hosting with InterServer. When users fill out a contact form, the email is sent to my personal email address from the website domain email account. Today I noticed that somebody filled out a form but the email was blocked as spam. As described above, I received the bounce email with a link in it where I can mark the blocked email as not spam. But that did not unblock the message. Is it a known issue? What is the workaround? My message has been blocked for the entire day and I am still waiting for the support to help (I already asked them earlier today).
    I am curious what other ways exist around this? Is there a way I could unblock the message faster? Waiting a whole day to see the message from the customer is a big problem for me. Please advise.

  8. Fausto Solano says:

    I have a dedicated server with DirectAdmin and some domains but i want to adquire mailbaby for a single user hosted on my server, is it possible? or mailbaby will be installed for all domains?

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