How do I register/transfer a domain name?

By on October 23rd, 2015

Domains can be registered with InterServer during a webhosting sign up for both and Standard shared hosting plans.

For domains without a hosting plan use to register. After logging into my portal select the domains panel to access the view domains section which an order can be placed. The direct link is:

Please refer the screenshots for any clarifications.


How do I Register a Domain Name?

You may refer the following video tutorial or read further.


The step by step instruction to register a new domain is given below. Please follow the guide.

1) Go to the domains section from your portal at



Now, after clicking on the “View Domains”, you will get a screen displaying the information about the domains you have with InterServer. There you can click on the “Order Domain” button to place a new domain order.



This button will lead you to the next page where you can search for the domain names to see if it is available. You can also see the suggestions with different tlds (extensions). This will help you to find an alternative if the domain you are looking for is already purchased.

2) Start Registration

If the domain is available to purchase, there will be a link “Register” next to the domain name. You need to click on it and it.



When you click on the “Register” link, it will lead you to the next page, where you can provide the personal details on the form in it.

3) Provide the personal information



In this page, you can provide the details like your email, name, address, country, etc. After providing the required information, you need to click on the button “Place Order” to finish the process.


How do I Transfer a Domain Name?

If the domain you are looking for is an existing one, you could transfer the domain to InterServer. To transfer a domain to InterServer, please follow the below instructions.

1) Please perform the actions in Step 1 in the above registration process and then follow the below instructions.

2) Start the Transfer

Now, you have clicked on the “Order Domain” button and located your domain. Now you can find a link “Already own it, transfer?” next to the domain name. You need to click on the link “transfer” as shown in the below figure.



This link will lead you to the next page with a form in it. You need to fill the fields, asking for your personal information.

3) Provide the personal Information

Please provide the details and click on “Place Order” button as shown in the figure when it is finished.



These are the steps to register/transfer a domain name with InterServer.


You may also refer the following video tutorials.


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If you need any further assistance please contact our support department.



17 Responses to “How do I register/transfer a domain name?”

  1. David Gilbert says:

    It is not at all helpful for you to link to a site that is not accessible. (Access forbidden to

    • Jithin says:

      Hello David,

      Apologies for the issues caused you. We have updated this article with new links and details. One of our staff will contact you shortly via email. If any issue persist, please update them.

  2. SABIR says:

    I bought a host from i want to know if i can use the domaie that you send me inbox or i have to buy a domain name

  3. david kellerman says:

    How much does domain privacy cost (hiding who is information), when registering a new domain?

  4. Hadi Abduladheem says:

    What is the information required to send to my domain registrar (.kw) to transfer (update their DNS records) the domain to point to your servers?

    Note: that we already purchased hosting services and our domain is shown to be pending>

    best regards

    • NAGENDRA says:

      Hello Hai,

      All you have to is unlock the domain name and whois privacy and update the domain with nameservers of Interserver. That can be obtained by login to >> Webhosting>> Domain name(Click on it) there you will find default nameservers which you can update on website. Now you can get back to us via chat with EPP this is the easy way so we can generate invoice for domain transfer. Once payment is received domain transfer will be done. In your case you see domain is pending, we can help you with the issue if you can contact us via chat


  5. Mostfavoured says:

    Hi! Can I host an e-commerce website with interserver? I already have a domain name from interserver but I’m having a hard time understanding the several hosting packages.

  6. Gregory De Jesus Lugo Marquez says:

    Hola buenas quiero transferir un dominio de GoDaddy a Interserver, ya tengo el codigo de transferencia de Godaddy, como debo proceder dentro de interserver? Gracias.

    • You can follow below procedure:

      * Got to Interserver Client Area (>> Home >> Domains
      * Search for the Domain
      * You will get the below alert if you own the domain name
      “Sorry! Your domain is already taken. You already own it ? then Click Here to transfer for $$.00.
      The renewal cost will be $$.00
      * Click there
      * On the Next Page, add your address, etc, and EPP code at the end (The transfer auth code for the domain. If provided and valid, the transfer will not send an approval email to the owner of the domain. For More Info:
      * Then place order
      *  It will take a couple of days, for this process.

  7. Vee says:

    I bought a domain and a hosting account but my domain is not connecting to my website. I’ve already uploaded the website files through cpanel and I can view the website from the default viewer but cannot view from domain name. Please help.

    • Probably the nameserver is not added correctly. Please contact our support via live chat or ticket system, so we can better assist you directly with any service you have ordered through us.

  8. Albasir Hussien says:

    Ever since I paid for my domain it’s not yet active and still showing pending.. why ???

    • That probably due to below reasons:

      1. Domain is registered elsewhere
      2. Initiated domain transfer and failed
      3. Failed to add proper contact information for domain

      Please contact our support via live chat or ticket system, so we can better assist you directly with any service you have ordered through us.

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