How is Artificial Intelligence Improving Web Hosting Industry?

Posted on December 25th, 2019

Web hosting allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible through the internet. It was established in 1995, and companies like GeoCities, Angelfire, and Tripod offered free hosting services. The types of web hosting services include shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, Reseller hosting, managed hosting, etc.

A web host or web hosting service providers are those who run a business to provide the technologies and services needed to create and manage a website. The digital landscape of the world is rapidly expanding. This expansion is due to the increase in the diverse online platform and its traffic. Because of this emerging diversity, a hosting plan should allow the website owners to conduct their operations with speed, flexibility, and adequate security.

Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of systems that can perform tasks like visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, language translation, etc. In simple words, AI is the ability to think and learn. Most of the industries like healthcare, education, security, retail, and even in web hosting are adopting AI now. Artificial intelligence can detect and alert about potential malware and threats. This feature can help companies to provide best services to their customers.

Let’s see how AI is improving the web Hosting industry.

1) Improved Security

Cyber-attacks are increasing day-to-day, and it makes website owners more cautious about their online business. These criminals are trying to access the website network by breaking the algorithm.

Artificial intelligence helps web hosting companies for a quick turnaround against malware threats. The advanced firewall technology used by artificial intelligence helps to identify the encrypted patterns and threats these patterns can cause. Once the bug is detected, AI alerts the web hosting company and their clients about the harm this bug or malware can cause. AI also helps in analyzing and processing the data, which requires time consumption. With machine learning, AI incorporates its learning to improve its defense mechanism and also to predict future attacks.

2) Improve Domain Performance

A domain name is one of the essential factors to run a website. AI can be used for tracking duplicate domain purchase or if anyone is trying to use our domain through a proxy server. It also alerts the client, if any defrauder is trying to set up a dummy site or trying to clone our domain. This feature protects the client’s domain and reputation.

AI understands the coding and decoding patterns in data and adds a new pattern to the same if required. AI helps companies to detect the high traffic and conversion rates in their domain by analyzing the existing web data. This feature can increase the productivity and ROI of the customers.

3) Improve Accuracy

Artificial intelligence makes the tiresome tasks look simple and perform those tasks with maximum accuracy. AI assures that there is no hamper on the site performance, even if there are heavy traffic and unexpected fluctuations in the website. AI can offer actions such as sending automatic messages, giving chat responses, delivering voice messages or calls, etc. So, AI can reduce human work.

4) Data-driven Reports

AI helps the authorities of the company to generate reports by analyzing the past and present data. AI can also explain the changes in the report by the above analysis. The AI also helps web hosting providers to identify their loyal customers by analyzing the purchase rate, recurring rate, and the cost of purchase, etc.

5) Self-repairing Systems

In the digital field, it is important to keep your website and other digital data up to date. It requires significant input. Artificial intelligence helps to repair and maintain the system on its own using machine learning.

Hosts that use self-healing or self-repairing AI use it to scan the system, and it helps to diagnose a potential issue before it gets materialized so that we can take preventive measures. For example, if the hardware is found defective, then the self-healing system transfers the systems running on that hardware to failover servers before it crashes. This feature can help the system to maintain uptime. AI also helps to get the updates and changes using machine learning. If a significant issue has occurred in the self-healing system, which cannot be fixed by AI, then the web hosting team is notified.

AI provides a more robust service and also reduces the maintenance burden on our web host by giving web hosting providers extra time to improve the performance of their service.


Conclusion: So, Artificial intelligence and machine language are making huge impacts on the financial, transport, and health industries. Artificial intelligence helps the website owners to maintain better quality websites.

In web hosting, AI adds up better security, advantageous domain names, automated maintenance, and repair of the systems on which the website runs. AI can also improve the security of our website from hackers and malware. It can reduce human efforts and can take its own decision and steps in the hosting industry using machine learning.

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