How to Add DMARC Record in Cloudflare

Posted on July 4th, 2019

E-mail marketing is one of the hottest topics on the internet. It’s because of the benefits or the potential revenue hidden in the list of E-mails contacts you possess. There are good people who send legit E-mails to their customers. But it is possible to send an E-mail to anyone on the planet from any domain name you desire, even

Bad people can send E-mails from brand domains to scam people who fall for it. But it’s not people’s responsibility to click on the real email only. That’s why there is something called DMARC. DMARC is a simple TXT record in the DNS zone file of your domain name and it is used to verify the emails coming from a specific domain name, So that bad people cannot take advantage of the hard work you have done to get the trust of your customers.

Implementing DMARC record is the simplest or the slandered way to protect the domain from harm or phishing and spoofing attacks. DMARC is made up of two authentication protocols called SPF and DKIM.

How DMARC Works

The email should pass SPF authentication and SPF alignment and /or DKIM authentication and DKIM alignment before to pass DMARC. It will give instruction on how to handle unauthenticated mail via a DMARC policy,

Add DMARC Record in Cloudflare

1) To enable DMARC record in Cloudflare, you need to log in to your Cloudflare dashboard with your Email address and password.

2) Once you are logged in, select the website you want to update and then select DNS from the list which is at the top navigation menu.



3) Select record as TXT and set name as, just like the image given below.

DMARC Record


4) click on the “click to configure” button to get a small window. You can paste your DMARC text in it and save the record.


5) Once you click on the “Save” button, you have successfully completed the steps.

6) Then click on “Add Record”



Now you have added your DMARC for your server. It is very easy to add DMARC record for your domain name, It is worth more than the security it provides.

If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.

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