How to add Poll to WordPress

A well-placed poll can be a great, fun way to engage with the people who are reading your site. You can use polls to get feedback on a specific piece you’ve written or about your site in general. You can also use polls to stir discussion about politics or other types of current events. You can add any type of poll that you want to your existing WordPress site with just a few mouse clicks. Your main account page has a tool built in designed for this specific purpose.

Step 1

Open the dashboard page for your WordPress site. The dashboard is the main page that you load to add new posts to your site or change aspects of the way it functions. You can access the dashboard page by going to the main WordPress site, selecting the “My Blog” option and clicking “Dashboard” beneath your WordPress blog’s listing.

Step 2

Click the option on the left side of the screen reading “Polls.” The page that loads will inform you that you need a free account with a service called Polldaddy in order to use polls on your WordPress site. Select the button labeled “I want some polls” to continue. A new account will be created for you on the Polldaddy service.

Step 3

Click the blue button labeled “Create a Poll Now.” Enter the primary question for your poll into the box on screen labeled “Enter Question Here.” Enter any poll choices you desire into the boxes labeled “Enter an answer here.”

Step 4

Select a style for your poll using the section on screen labeled “Poll Style.” Use the arrow buttons to select a pre-made layout for your poll. Change any other options relating to your poll that you’d like using the options on the right side of the screen. For example, you can choose to block people from voting multiple times by selecting the option reading “Block by cookie” in the “Repeat Voting” portion of the window on screen.

Step 5

Click the blue button labeled “Save Poll” to save the changes you’ve made to the poll you just created. Click the grey button labeled “Embed Poll in New Post” to create a new post for your site that contains the poll. Click the “Post” button in the window that opens to automatically add that newly created poll to your WordPress site.