How to Add User and Domain on VestaCP

Posted on July 2nd, 2019

VestaCP is one of the most popular server control panels in the market. It is free and you can use it on as many servers as you want. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can add user and domain name on your VestaCP panel.

Please follow the steps given below to create a user account and domain name in your panel.

1) Login to your VestaCP control panel using the link.

https://{Enter your server IP address or hostname}:8083

2) Click on the “User” tab to list users and then click on the Green “+” button to add a new user as shown in the following image.

Create User

3)  Now a new page would come up in which you will have to provide the following info.

  • Username: The username you wanted to assign.
  • Password: Provide a strong password for the user
  • Email:  You can provide an email ID for the user you create.
  • Package: If you have any package in the server and will like to assign for this user then select that package.
  • Language: You can opt for any available language. I have chosen here is English (“en”)
  • First Name & Last Name: Provide the first name and last name

4) Once you have entered all the details, then click on the “ADD” button as shown below, the login credentials would be sent to the registered email ID.

Create User


5) Now you have successfully created a user.  You can either switch as the new user as mentioned in the following image or you can sign out from admin account then sign in again using the credentials of the new user.

Create User


6) Next step is to add a domain under the newly created user, log in as the new user in VestaCP control panel, click on “WEB” tab and then click the green “+ ADD WEB DOMAIN” as demonstrated in the following image.

Create User


7)  Enter the domain name that you wanted to add, then you can assign it with the server IP and click on “ADD”.



Congratulation you have successfully added your domain under the new user in your VestaCP panel! If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to ask in the comment section given below!

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