How to Check the Upload and Download Speed of Your Server?

By on June 20th, 2018

In this tutorial let’s learn about running the speed test to know the upload and download speed of your server. To perform this process let’s use an application named speed test mini. The speed test mini will help you to determine the speed of your server. As you all know is one of the most popular to internet speed tests. Speed test mini is their mini version application which can be installed locally to do basic speed tests. Now let’s have a look into the installation and implementation of the application in a Centos server.

1)  Always it is a good practice to follow before any new installations make sure that the currently installed packages are up to date.

# yum update -y

2) Speed test mini can be used with all the major web servers. In this tutorial, we are using Apache web server with PHP.

# yum install httpd -y

3) After the installation starts the httpd service.

# service httpd start

4) Install the PHP and the required PHP modules.

# yum install php php-mysql php-gd php-mcrypt –y

You can ignore the above steps if you have already a LAMP or LEMP environment.

5) Now navigate to the and download the Mini server application. Please note to download the application you have to create an account in their website.

#  wget

6) Extract the downloaded zip file and move it to the Apache document root.

# unzip -d

# mv mini /var/www/html

To know the apache document root, execute the following command.

 # grep -i “^documentroot” /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

7) There exist a lot of index files in the speed test mini directory. Then rename the “index-php.html” file.

 # cd /var/www/mini/

# mv index-php.html index.html

8) Now open your favorite web browser and navigate to http://yourserverIPaddress/mini

Click on the “BEGIN TEST” it will show up the upload and download speed of your server.


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