How to Create Backup in VestaCP?

Posted on February 19th, 2019

VestaCP is a free web hosting control panel that you can use to manage clients and websites on your server with ease. To get a clear idea, it is a smaller version of cPanel. VestaCP is widely used to manage personal servers. It can also be used and is being used to resell the hosting business. If you are in the web hosting business, you have to take care of regular backups and uptime. If a site goes down, it is good to quickly take the site or the whole system live by restoring the available backups.

VestaCP provides us the backup system out of the box. With VestaCP, you can easily create new backups and restore them whenever you want. It is a very simple process with VestaCP. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a backup in VestaCP.

Create Backup in VestaCP

To create a backup, log in to your VestaCP control panel using the following link in your web browser.

https://{Enter your server IP address or hostname}:8083

Now, click on the BACKUP section given on the main menu. Refer to the screenshots given after every step of the process to locate options in the user interface of VestaCP.

Create Backup

Now, Click on the CREATE BACKUP button given in the backup section.

Create Backup

Once the “Create Backup” button is clicked, backup generation would be initiated and you would get the following message and you can click on the “Ok” button.

Create Backup

The backup generated would be shown on the same page itself (under the backup tab section). You could easily download the backup from the list of backups. Just select hover on the backup and click on “Download” button, It will start the download process instantly.

Create Backup

So, this is how you can create and download backups in the VestaCP control panel. It is always a good thing to keep off-site backups so that you can restore them even if there is a server error and you cannot restore it directly from the user interface. If you have any questions related to backups in VestaCP, let us know in the comment section given below. If you are an active InterServer customer, please contact our support department for the quick help!

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