How to Create Backup in VestaCP?


VestaCP is a Linux webhosting control in which we can host many websites and it is also providing a simple and user-friendly interface for users.  In this tutorial, we are going to discuss on how to create a backup on VestaCP.


1) Login to your VestaCP control panel using the link.

https:// {Enter your server IP address or hostname}:8083

2) Once you have entered the VestaCP control panel, click on the backup tab as mentioned in the following screenshot.

Create Backup


3) Click on the Green “+” button as shown in the screenshot, so that the backup generation would be initiated.

Create Backup


4) Once the “Create Backup” button is clicked, backup generation would be initiated and you would get the following message and you can click on the “Ok” button.

Create Backup


5) The backup generated would be shown on the same page itself (under the backup tab section). You could easily download the backup from there itself. Just select the backup and click on “Download” button, so that it would be downloaded into your local system

Create Backup


If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.


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