How to Create Email Accounts in Webmin?

Posted on June 20th, 2018

How to Create Email Accounts in Webmin?

Webmin is the most popular open source hosting control panels that provides a simple and effective user interface for website and server owners to manage their services. It has a modular design so it’s very easy to add new functionality. In this documentation, we are discussing about how to create a new email account for a domain under your server via Webmin control panel.

1) Login to your Webmin control panel using the port 10000.

2) Go to System >> Users and Groups.

3)  From the page, click on “Create a new user” link.

Create mail account


4) Now, you need to fill the form with appropriate information such as username, user id, Real name, Home directory, password, and shell.

Email Accounts

Username:  If you want to create the email address as [email protected], then set the username’s value to example.

User ID: You can leave it as automatic.

Real Name:  This field is required for you to identify each account from the list.

Home Directory: Click “Directory” and set it to /home/ where you created the user.

Shell: You can leave this field as it is.

Password: click the “Normal password” and type your desired password.

The above-mentioned fields are important for creating a valid e-mail account. You can also see more fields on the same page. You may fill them in if you like.

5) Now click on to the “Create” button to create an email account.


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3 Responses to “How to Create Email Accounts in Webmin?”

  1. Lareb ghanchi says:

    I have moved my site from a2hosting to a new server my mails and domain are still managing from my old hosting , now i want to manage my emails from webmin how is it possible? how to create email accounts with the domain names? how to see inbox, sent mail etc folders in webmin?

  2. ram says:

    Yes , you can create mail id using webmin , there are option . thank you

  3. emmanuel says:

    how do i access a mail sent from webnin without going on server as the receiver

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