How to Create Reseller in ISP Manager?

Posted on November 19th, 2018

ISP manager is a webhosting control panel which manages websites, creating users, handling domains, databases, emails etc. In ISP manager, you can create reseller user in which it resells its own resources and services of its hosting. This reseller user can create and manage its own users like it can set up quotas on the disk, number of FTP accounts, databases, mailboxes, and many other parameters. These users are not having any privilege to configure the server, they will only use this server like all standard normal clients. In this tutorial, we are going to create a reseller account in ISP Manager. Please refer to the following steps, so that you will get a clear idea on how to create the same.

1) Login to ISP Manager as root.

2) Navigate to Accounts >> Resellers.

Create Reseller in ISP


3) Click on “Add” option to create a new reseller account.

Create Reseller in ISP


4) Now you can enter the reseller details such as username password and also you can assign the reseller privileges on the same page and after assigning each limit click on “OK”.

Create Reseller in ISP


5) You have successfully created a reseller account in your ISP manager.

ISP manager


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