How to customize EasyApache4?

Posted at November 29, 2016 at 1:42 pm by Jithin

In this documentation we can check how to customize EasyApache4 from WHM interface.

You may be familiar with old EasyApache3 version which is actually going to become obsolete within the next two years. cPanel will recommend us to upgrade to EasyApache4.

EasyApache4 is very different from its predecessor, containing more features and a new user interface. We will walk you through the steps to customize an EasyApache4 profile.

To access the EasyApache4 customization page, go to  WHM » Home »Software » EasyApache 4

easyapache 4 customization


You can see the following existing profiles.

  1. All PHP Options + OpCache
  2. All PHP Options + ZendGuard
  3. cPanel Default
  4. cPanel Default + MPM ITK
  5. No PHP
  6. cPanel Worker MPM

If you see any suitable profiles and don’t want to do any additional customization, then you can click on “Provision” button on the right side of each profile. You can also do customization on these profiles by clicking “Customize”, right next to the “Provision” button.

If you want to customize the currently installed packages and modules, then click on “Customize” button on the right of “Currently Installed Packages” section.


easyapache 4 customization


You can choose the required Apache MPM’s from the first page. Click next after choosing the MPM.

easyapache 4 customize


The next page will let you choose Apache Modules. Click next after selecting the required modules.

Easyapache 4 customize


You can select required PHP versions from next page.

easyapache customization


Choose required PHP Extensions from the next page.



Now you need to review the selected apps and module and click “Provision” to start the provisioning of a new setup.



Please give it a try and if you need any further help, please contact our support department.



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