How to Directly Setup Email Filters in Webmail

Posted on August 17th, 2018

Email filters are used to manage and organize incoming emails into specific folders. If you are receiving a lot of emails, we can set up filters to route the mail to a specific folder. It can also be used to help filter spam or “undeliverable” emails. In this documentation, we are going to discuss about how to set up email filters in the webmail account.

1) Log in to your Webmail.

2) Click the email address in the top-right corner.

3) Select the option ‘Email Filters’ from the drop-down list.

Email Filters


4) To create a new email filter click on the ‘Create a New Filter’ button.

Email Filters in Webmail


5) Enter the filter name here. The filter name must be unique. If you give the filter the same name as another filter, the previous filter will be overwritten.

Email Filters in Webmail


6) Here we can see a different type of rules listed in the particular boxes. From there, we can choose the rules which we want to use.

Email Filters in Webmail




Following are the description of the various options in the first set of rules.

From: –  Sender’s address.

Subject: – Email’s subject line.

To: – The email address to which the sender sent the email.

Reply:- The email address at which the sender receives replies.

Body: – The email’s content.

Any Header: –  Any part of the email’s header.

Any recipient: – Any recipient of the email.

Has not been previously delivered: –  Emails that are still in the queue.

is an Error Message: – Error messages that are detected by the system.

List ID: – Mailing lists.

Spam Status: – Check SpamAssassin filter.

Spam Bar: – Based on the Spam Bar (+) that is set in the SpamAssassin filter.

Spam Score: – Total number of plus signs (+) in the Spam Bar value, expressed as an integer through SpamAssassin.


Email Filters in Webmail


Following are the description of the various options in the second set of rules.

Contains: – Contains the keywords that you define.

Matches regex: – Emails that matches the regular expression that you define.

Does not contain: – Email does not contain the defined keyword.

Equals: – Email exactly matches a defined keyword.

Begins with: – The email begins with the defined keyword.

Does not begin: – The email does not begin with the defined keyword.

Ends with: – The email ends with the defined keyword.

Does not end with: – The email does not end with the defined keyword.

Does not match: – The email does not exactly match the defined keyword.

Email Filters in Webmail


Following are the description of the actions which we want to perform.

Discard Message: –  The system discards or deletes the incoming email with no failure notice.

Redirect to email: – The system forwards or redirects the email to another email address that you specify

Fail with message: – The system discards or deletes the email and automatically send a failure notice to the sender.

Stop Processing Rules: –  The system skips all filter rules.

Deliver to folder: – The system delivers or moves the email to a specified folder.

Pipe to a program: – The system sends the incoming email to a specified program.


7) After entering the rules, click the ‘Create’ button to create a new filter.


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    How do I block email tracking from a sender in inmotion?

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