How to Enable Maintenance Mode in Moodle?

How to Enable Maintenance Mode in Moodle?

Moodle websites have a feature which allows the site to be set to Maintenance mode. We can make the site inaccessible to the public by enabling the Maintenance mode.  This feature is very helpful while developing the site. Maintenance mode can also be used when detecting issues with the Moodle site. It will prevent the users from accessing as a guest or logging in during the site construction.

1) Log into the Moodle Dashboard.

2) Go to the option “Site Administration”.

Enable maintenance mode



3) Select the “Server” option.

Enable maintenance mode


4) Select the option “Maintenance mode”.

Enable maintenance mode



5) In this page, you can write your own maintenance message for users in the text box “Optional maintenance message”.


6) Select the option “Enable” for enable the maintenance mode.

Enable maintenance mode


7) Click on “Save Changes” button.

After enabling maintenance mode, when we visit the site, it will display the message which was inserted into the “Optional maintenance message”.


Disable Maintenance Mode

1) If you want to disable the maintenance mode, then you need to follow the steps from 1 to 4 and then select the “Disable” option for the maintenance mode.


2) Click on the button “Save Changes”.


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