How to enable memcached on cPanel shared hosting at InterServer

By on November 18th, 2019

Memcache is supported on InterServer’s cPanel shared hosting. For isolation between user’s, memcache runs via socket for each instance.


To enable memcache support create a folder called .memcache with in your home directory. For example if your username is username, create the folder .memcache in the root directory. This full path will be /home/username/.memcache


With in 5 minutes the socket will be automatically created at /home/username/.memcache/memcached.sock

This socket can be used with in programs which support memcache as the location of the memcache socket.


Memcache must also be enabled in PHP. To do this, with in cPanel -> Select PHP version -> select a non native php version and enable memcache module.

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