How to fix ‘OpenLiteSpeed is functioning normally’ error?

Posted on July 31st, 2021

OpenLiteSpeed is functioning normally‘ error mostly happens when we’re using free Open Source ‘LiteSpeed’ webserver. This webserver is most frequently used for individual sites that don’t change often. This is because OpenLiteSpeed requires a restart to load any new .htaccess file. We can fix this issue by just restarting the ‘Litespeed’ webserver in Directadmin via Dashboard >> Show Services (Admin Privilege) after adding a new domain or subdomain.

  • Login to Directadmin via http://your_server_ip:2222/
  • Change to ‘Admin’ Privilege instead of ‘User’
  • Go to Dashboard / Show Services
  • You can see ‘litespeed’ service there. Click on (+) and ‘Restart’


OpenLiteSpeed is functioning normally

Kindly note, if you’re using Cloudflare nameserver, make sure you’re using correct A record for the domain, also need to ‘Purge’ the cache after the above changes via Cloudflare Dashboard 

If you would like to have a cronjob setup, which would reload OpenLiteSpeed every X minute if there are newer .htaccess files that the starting time of OpenLiteSpeed, you may use a cronjob like (*/3 means every 3 minutes, you may change it to happen less/more often):

*/3 * * * * root if ! find /home/*/domains/*/*_html/ -maxdepth 2 -type f -newer /usr/local/lsws/cgid -name ‘.htaccess’ -exec false {} +; then /usr/local/lsws/bin/lswsctrl restart; fi

Cronjob can be created as /etc/cron.d/openlitespeed_htaccess_scan

If you’ve any concerns/questions, please contact our support via live chat or ticket system, so we can better assist you directly.

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  1. Saiful Iqmal says:

    Hi, I am facing this issue to the domain that are not under cloudflare. Restart litespeed service won’t help.

    Could you assist on this? TQ.

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