How to install and use FileZilla SFTP client in Windows

By on April 18th, 2022

FTP Clients are generally used to connect your website’s server space. Because of that, we will be able to upload all necessary files and folders. There are many uses of FTP Client software, and many options are available in the market. Here, you can find the best FTP Clients in 2022. Some of them are free, and many are not available as free. FileZilla is one of the free and open-source FTP client software. So, in this article, we will learn the FileZilla FTP Client installation and use process. It’s a Free and Open-source program, and anyone can have it with one click. So, let’s discuss all the necessary information about the FileZilla FTP Client and downloading options.

FileZilla : Open-Source FTP Client 

FileZilla is a free FTP Client software which is used to connect your website server space. It’s a simple software with all the necessary options. You can upload and download files through FTP(File Transfer Protocol), we just need some information and credentials for your hosting account. Credentials liek Host IP address, Username and password. But Before we start, Make sure that the FTP Connect option is Turned on from the web hosting tool. So firstly we will see how we can download FileZilla FTP Client software from the official download page.

How to Download

Step 1: Go to the “” website or Search “FileZilla” from any browser you have. Then click on the First link, as you can see in the image here. 

Step 2: After, You redirect to the official Download page, You can see some options like Overview, Quick download links, News, etc., as below image. Here, you have two options, as you can see. Now, click on the first button, “Download FileZilla Client,” as you can in this image.

Step 3: Now, on the next page, you have several options available such as Windows and More options like Mac, Linux, etc. So, click on the option based on your device compatibility. You can see the options and official links here in the below image.

Step 4: Now, the First button will allow you to download the FileZilla FTP Client for Windows 64 bit based operating system. So, make sure you have a 64 bit based windows OS on your device. If you have a 64 Bit base operating system, click on Download FileZilla Client, as you can see in this image below. 

Step 5: If you have 32 Based on Windows or any other operating system, click on the link “Show additional download options,” as you can see below. This link will redirect you to other options available for different operating systems like Mac os and Linux.

Note: On this page, you can see all the supported operating systems, click based on your device OS, and download the official FileZilla FTP Client software.

Now, let’s understand How to install Filezilla FTP Client software in Windows.

How to Install

 We will discuss and understand the installation process for Windows in this tutorial. We will also discuss how we could download the FileZilla based on our operating system. I hope you downloaded the FileZilla Official installation file on your device. So, let’s understand the process of installing Filezilla in the Windows Operating System.

Step 1: Go to the folder that contains the FileZilla setup file. Now, Double-Click on the file to start the installation setup. You can Right-Click on the file and click on open, as shown in the below image.

Step 2: Now, You will have a popup box and display some information as Licence Agreement. Now, Click on the I Agree button, as you can see in the below image.

Step 3: As you can see in the image, it will ask for permissions for different users. So, select the option based on your requirement. Then Click Next, as you can see here in this image.

Step 4: On the next page, You will see some components options like FileZilla ClientIcon sets, etc. Leave them as it is and click on the last checkbox available as Desktop Icon if you want to add a FileZilla icon on the desktop.

Step 5: Then Click on the Next Button, as you can see here in the image.

Step 6: Here, you can select the location for installation. After selecting the installation folder, click on the Next button as per the image below.

Step 7: Click on the Install button to start the installation on the next page.

Step 8: After a successful installation process, you have a final page. Now, select the option as per your requirement. Then click on Finish Button, as you can see in the image below. You just successfully installed FileZilla Free FTP Client software on Windows. 

Here, you just successfully installed the FileZilla FTP Client on Windows. Now, we can learn how to Connect Our FTP Client to a website hosting account and access the website server space virtually.

How To Connect

This tutorial will discuss how we can run and use the FileZilla software on windows. But, before we start, we need some credentials like Host IP, Username, and Password. You can easily find these details in your email inbox, and all the hosting account users always find their credentials in the inbox. But, in case you didn’t find it, You can also login into your used hosting service provider’s website and note down the credentials. 

Step 1:  Open the FileZilla software. You can press the Start button, search for FileZilla, and press Enter.

Step 2: Now, you will have a screen, as you can see below. Here, you can see a top connect panel. Kindly Enter all the details like Host, Username, and Password in the required field, as you can see in the below image. Enter 22 in the Port field. It’s a secure port number for the FTP Protocol.

Step 3: Now, Click on the Quick Connect button, as you can see in the below image.

Step 4:  After clicking on Quick Connect, FileZilla will establish a connection request to the hosting account. You can see the connecting process here in the log box. And then, on that dialog box, you will see the status as successful. You can see all the details in the below image. It means you successfully connect to the website backend space or server space. 

Here in the image, you can see two different windows as Website Server Space and Local Computer files as you can see in the image. The server space means this hierarchy is showing the server files. You can double-click to expand the folders. The local computer file is available just opposite the server space. You can open a specific folder and open a file from here.

Step 5: How to upload file to server space: lead to the folder and select the files. You can even select multiple files by pressing the Ctrl key. Then, Right-Click on selected files and click on Upload.

Step 6: How to download files from server space: To download files, Right-Click on the files and Click Download, as shown in the image below. You also have options like Create a folder/directory, Delete and Rename option as you can see on the Right-Click menu.

Congratulations, you learned how to download, install and connect FileZilla FTP Client software in windows.


So, in this article, we just discussed how easily we could download the FileZilla open-source FTP Client software. Then after, we just learned how easily we could install FileZilla on windows. Then we also use it to connect to the website server space and upload files. We also downloaded the files from server space. 

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