How to Install ConfigServer Explorer in cPanel/WHM?

Posted on April 5th, 2018

WHM is the most powerful control panel of all time for Linux servers. However, most of the users facing a complication in accessing top-level directories via File Manager. To overcome this situation, you can download the ConfigServer Explorer. ConfigServer Explorer- CSE is an excellent WHM plugin that provides full-featured file system explorer and Virtual Console via the web browser in WHM. It grants you with the root access from the top level of your disks and allows you to enter non-interactive commands.


Steps to Install ConfigServer Explorer- CSE

1) Log in to the server via SSH as a root user.

2) Navigate to src folder.

# cd /usr/src

3) Make sure that there is no CSE zip file in that folder. If already exist, please remove them.

# rm -fv /usr/src/cse.tgz

4) Download new CSE zip file.

# wget

5) Extract the zip file and perform the below steps to install it.

# tar -xzf cse.tgz

# cd cse

# sh

# rm -Rfv /usr/src/cse*

Now you are successfully installed the CSE on your WHM. This will allow you to access top-level directories via File Manager in WHM.  You will find this plugin in WHM under “Plugin” section.

Install CSE



Click on “ConfigServer Explorer”. Then you will see the root directories.

Install CSE



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