How to Install PHP-Fusion Manually?

Posted on April 5th, 2018

How to Install PHP-Fusion Manually?

PHP-Fusion is a light-weight open source CMS (content management system). It uses MySQL database to store the site contents and it includes a simple comprehensive administration system.


To install PHP-Fusion manually

1) Download the PHP-Fusion file from this


2) Login to your cPanel account.

3) Go to the “File Manager” and select the directory to install PHP-Fusion.

4) To upload the PHP-Fusion zip file click the “Upload” button and select zip file.

5) Select the upload file and click “Extract File”.

6) Create a database. You can refer the following link to know how to create a database in cPanel.

7) Create a user for your database with full permission to that database.

8) Enter the URL (where you uploaded the files on the server) on the browser. Select the language and click the button “Next”.

9) Next step, PHP-Fusion will check the file permission on the server. Click “Next” button when it’s finished.


10) Enter the database details.


11) Click the button “Next” when the database tables were created.


12) Enter the admin login credentials.


13) Click the button “Finish”.


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