How to Install vQmod Manager in OpenCart

Posted on April 23rd, 2018

vQmod Manager is a graphical interface that helps you to see all the scripts, errors and all vQmod cache files. Many OpenCart modules are written by vQmod scripts. So vQmod Manager helps you to manage these script from OpenCart dashboard itself. vQmod Manager is an OpenCart 2.x extension which allows you to centrally manage your vQmod script. vQmod is initially designed in PHP script for using OpenCart. But it is not limited to OpenCart. vQmod is a simple modification system that helps developers to make changes in the code file without actually editing them. For example, if you want to remove any code in your default OpenCart theme, you don’t need to edit theme file itself – you can create vQmod extension file that will remove the text without modifying the actual theme file. It’s all done by search/replace technique – vQmod makes changes while loading your OpenCart store.

1) Install vQmod Manager.

Install the latest version of vQmod ( and upload the contents of the /upload folder to the document root of your OpenCart website.

2) Login to OpenCart using your login credentials.

3) Navigate to “Users” under “System” section.

4) From the Users section select “User Group” and then click on “Edit” button on the “Top Administrator” user.


5) Check the “module/ vqmod_manager” for Access Permission and Modify Permission.

6) Then click “Save” button.

7) Now go to Extensions > Module then click on “Install” and again click on “Edit”. If you want to change the installation folder then you can change it from here.


8) Finally, click on “Save” button to complete the installation.

Now we can manage vQmod scripts by accessing the vQmod Manager directly from Extensions > vQmod Manager.


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.



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  1. khnaz35 says:

    Your link is going to VQMOD it self which is outdated version now, not to the VQMOD Manager, would recommend please do update the link for VQMOD and include the extension link for VQMOD Manger too.


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