How to manage and install Patchman in cPanel

By on April 4th, 2018

How to manage and install Patchman in cPanel

Patchman is an automatic malware detection and patching tool, this will act Proactively on your server. Nowadays many security vulnerabilities found in commonly used CMS’s such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla can be detected by Patchman and which will auto patched after few days if the user doesn’t take any actions. The software will alert about the vulnerabilities on their website to the Email. On a compromised account, the Patchman will detect the uploaded malware and automatically quarantine it. Patchman extracts the security fixes from new CMS releases and safely patch the websites without any issues. Now Patchman can automatically patch the following CMS applications:

1) WordPress (version 3.x and later)

2) Joomla (version 1.5.x and later)

3) Drupal (version 5.x and later)

4) osCommerce (version 2.2)

5) Magento

6) Woo Commerce

7) PrestaShop


Also, we can easily undo the changes that made by Patchman. We can install Patchman software on cPanel server through few steps. Patchman also comes with a dynamic user dashboard that allows users to monitor resources as well as the ability to send and create automatic messages to the owners about the vulnerabilities on their website and update news, etc. Let’s have a check on the Patchman installation steps:


Download the Patchman installation script from their website by executing below commands;

# cd /usr/local/src

# wget


Once it is downloaded, execute the script to install Patchman on your cPanel server.

# bash -e


This will prompt for a registration key which needs to be entered, you will get this while purchasing the license from their website.

Once the installation complete, you will see a message as “Installation finished. Patchman is now installed and running!”

The next step would be approving the new server on your Patchman portal account so that the scanning will function on your server.

Once everything is done, we can manage Patchman easily via cPanel interface. To access Patchman’s dashboard, go to your cPanel –> Advanced and you will see the Patchman icon.

Now we can see the dashboard of Patchman from where we can see the Malware detections on your websites and take actions.


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