How to Overcome FTP Max Connection from a Single IP in WHM/cPanel?

Posted on November 19th, 2018

There are two types of FTP servers that cPanel offers that are Pure-FTPD and ProFTPD. By default, Pure FTPD is the default FTP server. If your FTP client is using more than 8 connections at the same time from a single IP, then you’ll get an error message similar to this: “421 Too many connections”. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to overcome this error in two ways.


First method

In the first method, we are going to overcome the above-mentioned error by Tweaking WHM Simultaneous max connection settings. Please follow the steps mentioned as follows.

1) Login into WHM.

2) Search FTP in the search icon then click on “FTP Server Configuration”.

FTP max connections


3)  You can see in the screenshot the “Maximum Connections Per IP” is set to 8. You can increase the value and click “Save”.

FTP max connections



Second Method

We can close the idle connections in the cPanel. Please follow the following steps to perform the same.

1) Login cPanel.

2) Search FTP in the search bar and click on “FTP Connections”.

FTP max connections, Single IP


3) In this, you can see the current ftp connections. You can select any connection then disconnect by clicking “Disconnect” under actions.

FTP max connections


4) Proceed to disconnect the connection so that you can avoid the error.


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