How to Perform Ping Test and Traceroute Test from Your Computer or Laptop?

Posted on November 19th, 2018

It is important to check from which IP address that your Domain is pointing when you call the domain from the local system. We mainly check the Whois status to check the information regarding the domain and there is are many sites to check the DNS status of a domain but that information is from there servers. To check this from our local system we need to perform a ping test or a traceroute test. Traceroute test records the route through the internet between your local system and the destination computer. In this tutorial, you are going to perform ping test and traceroute from your PC/laptop. We will be discussing how to perform a ping test from the different OS that you are using for your local system.


For the Windows Operating System

1) From the desktop click “start+r” so that the following window will appear as shown in the screenshot.

Ping and traceroute


2) Type “cmd” so that we can go to the command prompt. Click the button “ok”.

3) Now the command prompt has popped up. You can perform the ping test. The syntax is mentioned in the following.


eq ping

Ping and traceroute


You can also run traceroute in the same syntax. To do the traceroute is mentioned in the following.


eq tracert

You can also refer the screenshot for clarification.

Ping and traceroute, ping test


For Linux Operating System

1) Go to the terminal and run the following command.


2) To traceroute, run the following.



For the Mac Operating system

1) Open “Network Utility”.

Ping and traceroute


2) Select the “Ping” tab then you can enter the domain name under the “Enter the network address to ping”.

3) Then click “Ping”.

4) For traceroute, you can select the traceroute tab as shown in the screenshot. Then enter the IP address or Domain name then click “Trace”.


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