How to Reset Magento Admin Password

Posted on July 4th, 2019

In this ultra-modernized world, Magento is a platform to extend the shoppable experience beyond the barricades. Now, as a part of Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento offers unique features such as analytics, advertising, content creation, and e-commerce. In addition, Magento is absolutely handy for users. Moreover, one can launch a site promptly too. On top of it, it achieves ROI quicker than ever.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to reset Magento password from phpMyAdmin. Use this method if you cannot access the website’s admin panel or request password reset link via E-mail.

Reset Magento Admin Password

1) Login to the cPanel account, Now go to phpMyAdmin and select the database for Magento. Once you have selected the database, You will see all the tables in the selected database, you can select the “admin_user” table as shown in the screenshot.

Reset Password


2) Now, we are going to edit the password for the user “admin” so, click on “Edit” corresponding with user ‘admin’ as shown in the following screenshot.

Reset Password


3) Here I am entering my password as “KfhUCwTS1ptGE”, you can set any password as per your wish. Next, we will add a two-character sequence which is called “cryptographic salt” which is added in front of the password and it can be any of two characters. Here I am taking “tu” as the salt and added in front of this password as shown in the screenshot and set the encryption as MD5. Then click on “GO” to save it.

Reset Password


4) Once done you have done saving it, you should edit again by adding the salt at the end of the password as shown in the following screenshot and then save it by clicking on “Go”.

reset Magento


Now, you have successfully changed the password for the admin user, and you can access the admin panel of the Magento website using the updated password.

If you need any further help, please do reach our support department.

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