How to Restore from a VestaCP Backup

Posted on July 2nd, 2019

VestaCP is one of the best user-friendly web hosting control panels that is widely used on Linux based servers. We already discussed how to take VestaCP backup in our former tutorials. If you have any doubt on how to create the backup on VestaCP, please go through the following link.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss how to restore from a backup on VestaCP. We will be discussing two methods to achieve the goal. Please follow the steps given below.

Method 1

1) Login to your VestaCP control panel using the link.

https://{Enter your server IP address or hostname}:8083

2) You can either log in as a user or as an admin. Here I am logged in as admin. Once you are in VestaCP control panel as admin or user, click on the “Backup” tab as highlighted in the screenshot given below.

Restore from backup


3) Now you would see the list of backups for a logged-in user. If you are logged in as a user, the backups of the logged-in user would be listed. You can select any of the backups you would like to restore. Once selected, click on “CONFIGURE RESTORE SETTINGS” corresponding to the backup you would like to restore.  Please note that the option would only appear if you move your mouse cursor towards the backup.

Restore from backup


4) Now the contents in the backup would be listed as a web domain, mail domain, DNS domain, etc. To restore all, click on the green play button “RESTORE ALL” as shown in the screenshot. It would restore all the contents.

VestaCP Backup


5) Or, if you only want one of the listed resources to be restored, for example, if you only want to restore the database from the backup, you can restore the database individually by clicking on restore corresponding to it. Please take a look at the screenshot given below for reference.

Restore from backup


6) Once you have clicked on the “Restore”, the backup restoration process would be queued and the following message will pop up. You can click on “OK” to dismiss the pop-up.

VestaCP backup


The restoration may take a few minutes to complete. Once done, you would receive an e-mail regarding the restoration of your data on your registered E-mail address.

Method 2

In this method, we are going to perform the restoration process in a single command via SSH. It is an easy method; you will have to SSH into the server then move to the location where your backup is stored. Assume the backup name to be admin.2014-01-14.tar which is actually the backup of the user admin. Then you can restore it using the following command

v-restore-user admin admin.2014-01-14.tar

If you want to restore for any other user, the above command can be modified as the following command. Please note that the backups are named in a format.

v-restore-user new user newuser.2014-01-14.tar

If the user doesn’t exist on the server, the user account would be automatically created when the command is executed.

To get more help regarding this tutorial, please use the comment section given below.

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