How to Send Users Notifications About the Status of SSL and AutoSSL Certificates?

Posted on April 4th, 2018

In cPanel & WHM version 68, by default, the system automatically sends users notifications about the status of SSL and AutoSSL certificates. These notifications include useful information and URLs users can access to correct a problem.  We can enable or disable the notifications of AutoSSL certificates expiring, Installation of purchased SSL certificates, SSL Certificate Expiration, SSL Certificate Expires Soon, SSL certificates expiring. In this documentation, we are going to discuss about how to enable/disable the notifications of SSL and AutoSSL certificates.

1) Log into your WHM.

2) Select the “Server Contacts” option from the WHM.

Notification about SSL


3) Go to “Contact Manager” option from the page.

Notification about SSL


4) To set your alert preferences, Choose the “Communication Type”.

5) Use the menus under the “Communication Type” tab to specify the importance of alerts that you wish to receive for each communication type. For example, if you only wish to receive email alerts about events that use the High importance level, select “High only” from the menu next to Email.

Notification about SSL


To disable a communication type, select “None”.

6) Click the button “Save”.

7) Then click the “Notifications” tab to list available alert types, the priority with which the system sends each alert, and which communication types will receive each alert.

Notification about SSL


8) We can easily select the option “AutoSSL certificates expiring” from the notification list and we can also navigate the option by searching the options in the search box. Now select particular alert type.

Notification about SSL


9) Choose the desired priority for each alert type in the appropriate row.  Here, we have chosen the “High priority” for the option “AutoSSL certificates expiring”.

10) The interface displays icons that indicate which communication types will receive that particular alert.

11) Click “Save” button to save all the changes.


These same steps can be repeated to enable the notifications of other SSL and AutoSSL certificates options.


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