How To Set Up Remote Access Key in WHM

Posted on May 14th, 2019


Remote Access Key is a cPanel feature that allows external servers and software to communicate with a cPanel & WHM server. It can be used by multiple servers and services.

Remote access keys allow you to log in to your server without the need for a password. You can use a remote access key (or access hash) to authenticate with WHM’s remote API or DNS clustering features.

We can discuss how to set up a remote access key in WHM.

WHM >> Home >> Clusters >> Remote Access Key

1) Login to WHM admin panel.

2) Click on “Clusters”.

Remote Access Key


3) Select ” Remote Access Key “.

a) On this screen, you can see the currently available access key for user root on the option ” Access Key For User root “.

Remote Access Key


b) You can also generate a new remote access key by clicking the “Generate New Key” icon. When you generate a new remote access key, you will invalidate any existing remote access key. If you generate a new key, systems that use the existing key will no longer be able to connect.

Remote Access Key


Here you have successfully created a New Remote Access Key.


Access Key Signature

Here, we can see the “Access Key Signature” option on the bottom of the screen.

It is the first 32 characters of the Remote Access Key and also it is separated by colons.

Remote Access Key


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