How to Track Delivery in Webmail

Posted on April 19th, 2018

Track Delivery interface displays reports about email message delivery attempts from your account and allows you to trace message delivery routes. You can also use this feature to trace a message’s delivery route, which can help you to identify message delivery issues. By default, this interface lists the 250 most recent message delivery failures to and from of your account’s mailboxes.

1) Login to the  Webmail interface through

2) Click the email address in the top-right corner.

3) Choose the option “Track Delivery” on the list.

Track delivery


4) Here, we can see the most recent entries in our account’s mail log. In order to look up logs for the RECIPIENT’S or TO email address, we can use the search tool.

Do not enter an address in the Search text box, if you want to display all of the account’s messages.

Track delivery



5) From the above image, we can see various filters such as Show success, Show Deferred, Show Failures, Show In-Progress.  By using these options, we can quickly filter our results.

Show success: –  This filter shows all the emails that are successfully delivered to the     destination

Show Deferred: –  This option will show all emails with a warning, which are the system deferred emails.

Show Failures: –  This will show the emails, which are not delivered to the destination. It will also show any other errors during transmission of emails

Show In-Progress: – This filter will show you all the emails, which are currently transmitting.


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  1. Harkaran Randhawa says:

    Why do some email fail

  2. jeevan says:

    Its due to various policy .

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