How to Transfer WHM Backup to Remote Destination Through FTP?

Posted on August 17th, 2018

How to Transfer WHM Backup to Remote Destination Through FTP?

The backups are an inevitable part of the websites/Servers. Consider the situation if you have accidentally deleted your website file/directory it may affect your whole website. If you have a valid backup you can simply restore the website from backup so the website backup is the most important thing to protect your server against data loss. cPanel/WHM offers to create server backup in the WHM. You can configure backups daily, weekly and monthly in WHM. Please refer following KB to configure backup in WHM. WHM Backup Configuration Explained

Some cases you don’t have sufficient space in your server. In this case, you can transfer the configured backup to the remote server. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to transfer the configured backup to a remote server on WHM.



Once you have configured all things, the system will generate first cPanel account backup and transferred this back up to the remote server once the transfer has been completed system will generate next account backup and transferred to remote server.


Configure the FTP destination.

1) Login to WHM as a root user.

2) Go to Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration.

Transfer backup


3) Go to Additional Destination >> FTP from Destination type

Transfer backup


4) Click the button “Create New Destination”.

Transfer backup

5) Then you will get new window likes below screenshots and enter following details of the remote server.

Transfer backup


6) Once you enter all required details click on the button ” Save and Validate Destination”.

7) Then click “Save Configuration” once the validation has been successfully completed.

Transfer backup


8) Now you can check the transferring is working or not by running the backup manually.

Run below command to run the backup manually.

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup  –force

From there you will get a new log file and you can check the backup and transfer process from that log file.


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    I just want to know whether this backup will be done automatically or we will have to do the command everyday

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