How to update and pay with a credit card at

By on October 23rd, 2015

To enable credit cards log into with your email address as the username. If you have lost your password please reset it at

Once logged in at the TOP of the page look for a link called Billing. Once updated go to update personal information.

At this interface you can select credit card or paypal as payment options. If credit card is selection, an additional option can be selected called “Automatically charge my credit card” to yes or no.

Once updated, if you have an open invoice please go to Billing -> View Balance. At this interface your options will be shown for payment method. Even if you have a credit card selected, the options for Paypal, or other non credit card payments, will still show. Select pay with credit card. A confirmation screen will confirm this, that will also allow you to place in your 3 or 4 digit CVV2 code. Note this information is not required, nor kept on file, but some cards may require the CVV2 for a credit card charge.

You may also refer the following video tutorial :

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