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Posted on March 5th, 2016


Navigate to Bread Basket Panel > Server Utilities > Import From cPanel

Screenshot : Import From cPanel


Important Note

Note : This feature is in the BETA stage at the moment.
  1. You need to have a freshly installed Webuzo Server and the name of the Bread Basket user should be the same as the cPanel Username
  2. Import utility will overwrite all your current Bread Basketuser data.
  3. Backup of the cPanel user account will be stored at /home/breadbasket_username/.webuzo directory.

Users can remove the archive once the import process is completed.

  1. Domains, Databases, etc are mapped as on the cPanel account.
  2. FTP users imported are given a random password as on the new Webuzo server. It is recommended that the passwords to the FTP users are changed.
  3. Email notification of the FTP accounts created and on completion of the Importing Process.
  4. Import logs are generated at /usr/local/breadbasket/cli/cpanel_migration.log
  5. Email accounts if any are not imported at the moment.


  1. Populate the Form with the cPanel Server and User details.
  2. Click on Submit to Import the cPanel Account.


3. If you see the following screen then the Import process has started successfully.


4. On completion of the Import process you will receive an email.

5. Import logs can be found at /usr/local/braedbasket/cli/cpanel_migration.log

Required Inputs

  • cPanel Server Address:IP address or FQDN of your cPanel account.
  • User NamecPanel Username same as Bread Basket username.
  • Password – cPanel User password

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