How to import MSSQL database – Windows

In this tutorial we can check how to import MSSQL database in Windows server.


1) Create a blank MSSQL database.

Database can be created from the control panel itself. Click on ‘Website and Domains’, then click on ‘Databases’.

Then click on ‘Add Database’.


2) Enter the name for the database and the database user. Make sure to choose ‘Microsoft SQL server’ as the database server type. Click on ‘Generate’ for password generation and click ‘Ok’ .


Restore the Blank Database with the Database Backup File

We can restore a database with it’s backup file:

  1. Log into the control panel and click on ‘Websites and Domains’ and click on ‘Databases’.
  2. Click on ‘Import Dump’.


3) Database can be uploaded in two ways. Either by browse the backup file from the local machine  and click the ‘OK’ button.


4) Or Upload the database from the server and then click the ‘OK’ button.


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