Importing Email Forwarders using a CSV or Excel File in cPanel

Posted on November 8th, 2018

The feature “Address Importer” in cPanel provides a useful option to import email accounts using a CSV or Excel file. This feature helps to migrate all email accounts and email forwarders from one server to another. This way you can create all the email forwarders to a new server in one go.


CSV format

You can use the format as source and target email address separated by a delimiter comma (,).

Sample CSV file format

Source email ID, Target Email ID

[email protected],[email protected]

[email protected],[email protected]

[email protected],[email protected]


Excel Format

Sample Excel layout

Import Email Forwarders


1) Login to cPanel.

2) Navigate to “Address Importer” under “Mail” section.

Import Email Forwarders


3) Select the “Forwarders” option and then choose the CSV or Excel file from your local machine.

Import Email Forwarders


4) After choosing the file, you will see an option to select the delimiter and an option to select the first row as column headers.  You need to choose the delimiter and check the option “Treat first row as column headers” and click “Next”.

Import Email Forwarders


5)  Select the domain for which these mail forwarders are exported and click the button ‘Next’.

6) Click ‘Finish’ to complete the import and once the import is done, cPanel will show the imported mail accounts.

You can follow the same steps in importing using Excel format.


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