How to Install and Enable mod_mono?

By on November 11th, 2016

mod_mono is an apache module. It allows ASP.NET pages to run on different platforms. Mono allows developers to build cross platform applications. This module process requests for ASP.NET pages to mod-mono-server, which is an external program used for handling these requests. A TCP or Unix sockets are used for connecting the Apache module and mod-mono-server. Mod_mono is hosted inside Apache


Components of mono

1) C# Compiler: There are different versions of this compiler exists; gmcs, smcs and dmcs. These are runtime specific compilers. A new unified compiler mcs is available which replaces all runtime compilers (gmcs,smcs,dmcs).

2) Mono Runtime: Mono runtime implements ECMA Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)

ECMA Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is a standard which defines the Common Language Infrastructure. It can run applications written in multiple high level languages in different platforms without any modification. It consists of different parts having many features. Mono runtime provides many features such as code execution, code generation, garbage collection, exception handling, operating system interface, and security.

3) .NET Framework Class Library: Mono platform provides a class library and these classes are compatible with Microsoft’s .Net Framework classes.

4) Mono Class Library: Class libraries provide an additional functionality in building Linux applications. It includes libraries such as Cross platform class libraries, Unix-specific class libraries, and platform-specific class libraries.



1) Provide multiplatform execution: It can run on many platforms such as Linux, BSD, Microsoft Windows, including x86, x86-64, ARM, s390, etc…

2) Multi-language: Develop in C# 4.0, VB 8, Java, Python, Ruby, etc.

3) It is an open source free software.

4) Comprehensive Technology Coverage.

5) Binary Compatible.



1) Popularity: Developers have good knowledge of working C# and there are many books, websites and tutorials are available for reference.

2) Higher-Level Programming: Mono languages provide features such as automatic memory management, generics, threading etc. which allows you to concentrate on your application.

3) Scripting and Embedding



1) Download mono and mod_mono

   # wget

# wget

2) Extract files

   # tar -xjf mono-2.10.2.tar.bz2

# tar -xjf mod_mono-2.10.tar.bz2

3)  Compile and install mono

      # cd ../mono-2.10.2

# ./configure  –prefix=/opt/mono

# make

# make install

4) # export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mono/bin

     # export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/mono/lib/pkgconfig

5) compile and install mod_mono

   # cd ../mod_mono-2.10

# ./configure –prefix=/opt/mono

# make

# make install

6) Move the file.

# mv /etc/httpd/conf/mod_mono.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/


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