Install LiteSpeed Enterprise Version on cPanel Server

Posted on January 22nd, 2018

Install LiteSpeed Enterprise Version on cPanel Server

LiteSpeed is a webserver that can be used instead of Apache on our server which provides high performance, secure, easy to use functionalities. The LiteSpeed can sometimes be more efficient than Apache webserver for very high-traffic websites without adding any more resources to the server. We can implement LiteSpeed Cache also to improve the performance of such websites.

By default, the cPanel/WHM uses Apache webserver, we can install LiteSpeed webserver on a cPanel server easily. They provide a 15-day trial before making the purchase. You can purchase a LiteSpeed license at

Let’s discuss the installation of LiteSpeed webserver on a cPanel server.


Installation Steps

First, we need to download the LiteSpeed plugin for cPanel/WHM to our server by executing the given below command.

# cd /usr/local/src

# wget


1) Once you download the plugin file then we need to install the plugin by executing the below command.

# sh

This will install the LiteSpeed plugin into your cPanel server. After successfully completed the installation we can move on to GUI configuration via WHM.


2) Login to WHM and click on “LiteSpeed Web Server” under “Plugins”.

Install Litespeed


Click on Install LiteSpeed Webserver, this will initiate the installation of LiteSpeed. If you have purchased an Enterprise version of LiteSpeed, you need to enter the serial number, else you can select the “Request a trial license”.

Then you can define your installation directory (/usr/local/lsws) on its field. Then you need to create LiteSpeed webserver username and password to access LiteSpeed console. you can access LiteSpeed WebAdmin Console via http://IP-ADDR:7080, via this console you can manage LiteSpeed webserver easily.

Then click on “Install” to initiate the installation LiteSpeed webserver.


3) After successfully install the LiteSpeed Webserver, we need to rebuild PHP and initiate the LiteSpeed as our server webserver. Access LiteSpeed webserver plugin on WHM and then scroll down to “Switch between Apache and LiteSpeed” and then choose “Switch to LiteSpeed” to fire up LiteSpeed instead of Apache, a confirmation dialog box will appear. Click on “Switch to LiteSpeed” to confirm the changes and after a few minutes, you should receive a notification about the changes has made.

Install Litespeed


4) After LiteSpeed webserver is up and running, then we need to Re-build PHP configuration to make compatible with LiteSpeed Webserver. Access LiteSpeed webserver Plugin once again and choose “Build Matching LSPHP”. This may take few minutes to complete the process. After it’s done, try to access a PHP website on your server and make sure everything works perfectly!


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.

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