Install Magento from Softaculous

In this documentation, we can check how to install Magento from Softaculous.


1) Login to cPanel admin panel.

2) Go to ‘Softaculous Apps Installer’.

Install Magento from Softaculous


3) Select the icon ‘Magento’.

Install M0agento from Softaculous


4) Click the option ‘Install’.

Install Magento from Softaculous


5) Enter the ‘Software Setup’ and ‘Site Settings’ details.

Install Magento from Softaculous


6) Enter the ‘Admin Account’ details and click ‘Install’ button.

Install Magento from Softaculous


7) Then you will get the message that ‘the software was installed successfully’.

Install Magento from Softaculous



That is how we can install Magento from Softaculous.


If you need any further help please reach our support department.



2 Responses to “Install Magento from Softaculous”

  1. tank says:

    Could you please try installing Magento 2.x on an InterServer Slice and see what happens?

    Then, could you explain the steps (in more detail) after Softaculous is done installing?

    There are other steps that must be taken after Softaculous is installed.

    When you open the URL that Softaculous provides for the Backend (to finish configuring your site), it gets kind of confusing and I haven’t been able to complete a successful installation once.

    There are errors and database configuration options that are specific to InterServer’s hosting. Not bad things, just things we need more information on.

    So could you please setup a Magento 2.x VPS and add more information to this tutorial?

    Thank You InterServer,


    • jithin says:


      Yes we can do that but first we would like to help you to resolve the issues you are having. This can’t be specific to InterServer hosting because we have other customers running Magento without any issues. Anyways, if you are one of our existing customer and if you are still having same issues, please open a ticket with our support department and we will find a solution for you.

      Thank you,

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