How to Install Memcache in Webuzo?

Posted on December 23rd, 2016

Memcache is a general purpose distributed caching system. It is used to speed up database websites. It works by caching data and objects in random access memory (RAM) to reduce number of times an external data source must be read.


When to use a memory cache

It is used to speed up database queries by storing recent queries in the RAM. It helps to avoid time delay of processing the same query. Values are stored in Memcache on the basis of deadline set for the value. This values can expire from Memcache at any time.


Service levels

There are two service levels:

1) Shared Memcache: It is the default for App Engine applications.

2) Dedicated Memcache: Provides a fixed cache capacity assigned exclusively to your application.


Install Memcache

1) Login to your Webuzo admin panel.

2) Click on ‘Apps’ from the menu bar on the top of the panel.

Install Memcache


3) The left side of the Apps panel will display the categories of Applications. Click ‘Modules’ from the list.

Install Memcache


4) Select Memcache from the module list.

Install Memcache


5) Click on the ‘install’ button.

Install Memcache


Following these steps, you can install any php module from the given categories in the App panel.


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