Install Oxwall on Linux Server

How to install Oxwall on a Linux Server

Oxwall is a free and open source community software distributed under the Common Public Attribution License. It is written in PHP and is used as a platform for social networking and community sites. In this tutorial, we can check how to how to install Oxwall on a Linux server.

1) Make sure that the server is up to date.

For Centos:

# yum update

For Ubuntu:

# apt-get update

# apt-get upgrade

2) Create a directory inside /opt/Oxwall

#mkdir /opt/oxwall

3) Get into the created directory.

# cd /opt/oxwall

4) Now download the Oxwall.

# wget

5) Extract the file.

# tar -xvf oxwall-1.8.0.targz

6) Move this oxwall directory to your document root.

# mv /opt/oxwall /home/username/public_html

7) Change the permission of the Oxwall files. To do the following, use these commands

For Centos:

# cd /home/username/public_html && chown username: -R oxwall/

For Ubuntu:

# cd /home/username/public_html && chown username: -R oxwall/

8) The Oxwall uses MySQL database to store its database. This part of installation is very important. Log in to mysql database.

# mysql  -u root  -p

9) To create a database for Oxwall, execute the below mentioned commands.

# mysql> CREATE DATABASE oxwall_db;

# mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on oxwall_db.* to ‘oxwall_user’@’localhost’ identified   by ‘PaS$w0rD’;


# mysql> exit

You can change the database name, database username or password according to your need.

Oxwall will be available on HTTP port 80 by default. To access the Oxwall installation through your browser and continue with the online instructions. You need to edit the configuration of your web server and setup your domain name’ s document root to point to the Oxwall installation directory. In this case, the Oxwall installation directory is /home/username/public_html/oxwall. Please restart the web server, in order to get reflected by the changes made. Open your web browser and navigate to:



Enter the details of your site.

Install Oxwall on Linux Server


Enter the details of the database created for Oxwall.

Install Oxwall on Linux Server


Finally, create a cronjob to complete the installation process.

Install Oxwall on Linux Server