Install PHP-Fusion From Softaculous

Posted on April 19th, 2016

PHP-Fusion is one of the most popular web frameworks that provides an in-built content management system. A web framework allows you to quickly develop your web application without writing the code from scratch. It basically provides you the building blocks you need to create a web application. A content management system allows you to manage the content on your site. This part of PHP-Fusion is built-in. It means that you will get an admin panel to manage content on your site.

As it is used by hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet, A popular auto-installer Softaculous provides an interface to automatically install PHP-Fusion on your domain name. The role of Softaculous in the installation process is to automate the process. It will automatically download required files, create a database and connect it with PHP-Fusion. This whole process takes less than 5 minutes. And you also do not need a developer to install PHP-Fusion on your domain name via Softaculous.

In this tutorial, I will show you How to install PHP-Fusion using Softaculous Autoinstaller. So, Let’s get started.

Install PHP-Fusion from Softaculous

To install PHP-Fusion, log in to your cPanel account. If you do not have a web hosting account already, You can get InterServer web hosting in a few minutes only.

Once you are in the cPanel, look for the Softaculous Apps Installer option in the list of options. Click on it to navigate to the Softaculous auto-installer.

Install Magento from Softaculous

Now, Look for the PHP-Fusion option given in the list of available applications and click on it. See the following screenshot to know where to find it. If you cannot find it on the main page, search it in Softaculous.


After finding the option, click on the Install button given on the card. It will take you to a page containing a form to install PHP-fusion.


Now, Enter the software setup information like Protocol, Domain and Directory. If you want to install it on the domain itself, Keep the In directory field empty. Then, Enter the site information like Site name and Site E-mail in the next section.

Install PHP-Fusion From Softaculous

After the Software Setup and Site settings, Enter the Admin login information. After filling up the form, click on the Install button given at the bottom of the form to install PHP-Fusion on your domain name.


It will start the installation process immediately. After the installation is complete, you will see a congratulations message and URLs to access your site as well as admin panel just like the following image.


So, this is how you can install PHP-Fusion from Softaculous. PHP-Fusion is a very powerful PHP web framework as well as a content management system. If you have any questions regarding this installation process, please let us know in the comment section given below.

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  1. prad says:

    not see in new version can you give tutorial this will really help me because i’m abeginner at this time idon’t understand your hosting at this time.

    • PHP-Fusion is still available via Softaculous. The current version is 9.03.110

      Please contact our support via live chat or ticket system, so we can better assist you directly with any service you have ordered through us.

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