How to Install phpList Manually

Posted on December 7th, 2017

PhpList is an open source software, which is used for managing the mailing list. This is written in PHP and uses MYSQL database to store the data.  Using phpList we can send an email to a large number of subscribers. You can install phpList manually by following the below steps.


1) Download the latest phpList from the page to your local system.

Install phplist


The latest version of phpList was 3.3.1 at this time.

2) Extract the zip file on your local machine.

3) Create a MySQL database to store the phpList settings. You can create the databases from cPanel by following the below steps.

a) Log into cPanel.

b) Navigate to MySQL Database Wizard to create the database.

Install phplist



c) Create a user for the database and assign the same user for it.Install phplist


d) Assign full privileges for the user.

4) Upload phpList code to the server under public_html folder.

5) Edit the phpList configuration file to establish the connection to the database by following the below steps.

a) Login to cPanel.

b) Navigate to “File Manager” under File section.

Install phplist


c) Edit the config.php file under the document root of the domain that you installed phpList config directory.

Edit the below code with your exact database name and username to establish database connection to phpList.

$database_name = “userna1_phplist”;

$database_user = “userna1_phplist”;

$database_password = “password”;

You should now successfully have installed phpList on your server.


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.



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