How to Install Plone on Ubuntu Linux

By on January 20th, 2018

           How to Install Plone on Ubuntu Linux

Plone is a content management system built on top of the Zope application server. Plone can be used for in principle of any kind of website, including blogs, webshops, and internal websites. It is also well positioned to be used as a document publishing system and groupware working together/team effort tool. The strengths of Plone are it is flexible and able to change workflow, very good security, extensibility, high usability, and flexibility. It excels when compared to other content-management systems in standards obedience, access control, internationalization, grouping, user-created content, micro-applications, active user groups, and value. All of Plone’s features are customizable, and free add-ons are available from the Plone website.

1) Before proceeding with the plone installation, install these dependencies.

# sudo apt-get install buid-essential python-dev python-setuptools poppler-utils git           wv libssl-dev libxml2-dev libreadline-dev libjpeg62-dev libxslt1-dev libbz2-dev

2) Enter into /opt directory and download plone.

# cd /opt/

# wget –no-check-certificate

3) Extract the tarball.

# tar -xvzf Plone-4.3.2-UnifiedInstaller.tgz

4) Get into the extracted plone directory.

# cd Plone-4.3.2

5) Proceed with the installation by executing the below-mentioned commands.

# ./ standalone

# sudo -u plone_daemon /usr/local/Plone/zinstance/bin/plonectl start

After installation, it will automatically generate a username and password. Copy these credentials, while accessing plone, it will prompt for a login, enter the saved credentials there. Open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080 to proceed further with the installation.

Install Plone


Enter the saved credentials generated by the system while installation.

Install Plone


The first field is the id of the site and the second is a short title for your site.

Install Plone


Select the add-ons which you need and select create a plone site option.

Install Plone


Finally, the plone dashboard.


Please do reach our support department if you need any further help.


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