Install SitePad Website Builder in cPanel

By on April 19th, 2018

Install SitePad Website Builder in cPanel

cPanel is the most used control panel in the World through which we can manage our websites and settings easily via a User-Friendly interface. InterServer provides many features on our Standard Hosting Package with cPanel for our customers including SitePad Website builder, some hosting providers don’t provide this easy website building tool. Through this tool, we can easily build up a website with fewer efforts for a normal user without any coding level knowledge. SitePad website tool has many website templates, which can be used to build a website for a particular purpose such as e-commerce, blogs, etc. This tool also provides drag and drop facility, via we can easily customize our website. SitePad website builder provides a cPanel plugin for easy management via cPanel interface. Here in this tutorial, I’ll explain the steps to install this facility to your cPanel control panel. Before that, let’s discuss few helpful features of SitePad website builder:

1) 40+ languages supported.

2) Multilanguage website.

3) No limitation for Design or grid.

4) Responsive design.

5) The Website builder is constantly updated.


Let’s discuss the steps to install SitePad website builder on a cPanel server:

1) Login to your server via SSH as a root user and switch to the “/usr/local/src/” folder to download the SitePad cPanel installation script. If “” file exists, remove this file so that we can download the latest installation script from their official site.

# cd /usr/local/src/

# rm -fv


2) Download the SitePad installation script from their official site by executing below command and give the execution permission for the file.

# wget -N

# chmod 755


3)Begin the installation by running below command, wait for few minutes. Once the installation completed, you will see a successful message on your command line terminal.

# ./


Once everything completed, you can see the SitePad website builder Icon on your cPanel. Through which we can easily build websites for the domains hosted on your cPanel account.

SitePad Website Builder


Also, we can see the templates at the bottom of our cPanel interface under “SITEPAD WEBSITE BUILDER – THEMES”. From which we can select our favorite themes for our website. Otherwise, this should also possible via SitePad Icon on our cPanel interface.

SitePad Website Builder


If you need any further help please do reach our support department.


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  1. rlyn says:

    when I click the site it will preview the one that i workon..but when i click the other button (my address) the website is scattering and its the one that i worked on. Please help.

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