How to Install SSL Certificate in cPanel

Posted on July 8th, 2016

In this documentation, we teach how to install SSL certificate in cPanel.


1) Login to cPanel account.

2) Go to the section ‘Security’.

Install SSL


3) Click on the icon ‘SSL/TLS’.

Install SSL


4) Click option ‘Manage SSL Sites’ from ‘Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)’.

Install SSL


5) Select the domain name from the drop down menu.

Install SSL


6) Click the button ‘Autofill by Domain’. Then the system will fetch the certificates.

Install SSL


7) Select the option ‘Enable SNI for Mail Services’ checkbox. Mail SNI configures mail services to use the domain’s SSL certificate instead of server’s default certificate.

Install SSL


8) Click the button ‘Install Certificate’.

Install SSL


This is how we install SSL certificate in cPanel.


If you need any further help please contact our support department.



9 Responses to “How to Install SSL Certificate in cPanel”

  1. Ankit says:

    How can i uninstall it ?

    • jithin says:

      Please login to cPanel. Then click on “SSL/TLS”. There you can see option to delete installed certificates. If you are having any trouble doing it, please reach our support department.

  2. FM Waterman says:

    Succinct, clearly written and well illustrated. A very good job!

  3. FM Waterman says:

    One area for improvement that is needed and should be undertaken soon is to explain in this otherwise very good ‘how-to’, why the user may not find the ‘Enable SNI for Mail Services’ check box on this page in cPanel. The lack of an explanation has the potential to create concern and confusion for the user which can easily be avoided. Look to it.

  4. Nijam says:

    Please provide new version direct admin for SSL certificate.
    When i try to do. Its showing ‘SSL not enabled for this domain’
    Please help

  5. Rommel Green says:

    Please I can’t activate free SSL on your new Dashboard. What you explained above is totally different

  6. Fadjen Bellanton says:

    Hi, when i attempt the steps above to install the Certificate, I do not see the “Enable SNI for Mail Services” options for me to continue

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