How to install SSL Certificate on Windows Server 2012

1) Open the ZIP file that includes the SSL Certificate and save the SSL Certificate file (your_domain_name.cer) to the desktop of the web server which is to be secured.

2) Open Information Services (IIS) Manager.

3) In Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, under Connections, select the required server’s Hostname.

4) In the menu, double click the Server Certificates icon.


5) In the Action menu, click Complete Certificate Request wizard.

6) In the Complete Certificate Request wizard, on the Specify Certificate Authority Response page, under File name containing the certification authority’s response, click to browse to the .cer certificate. Select the file, and then click Open.

7) Next, in the friendly name box, enter a friendly name for the certificate. The name is not part of the certificate, but it is used to identify the certificate.


8) To install the SSL Certificate to the server, click OK.

9) After successful SSL Certificate installation to the server, we should bind the certificate to the desired domain.


Binding the Certificate to the desired Website

 1) In the Internet Information Services (IIS), click on Bindings in the Action menu (on the right) which will open Site Bindings window.


2) In the Site Bindings window, click in Add which will open an Add Site Binding window.


3) In the type box choose https. The IP address should be the domain name, and port over which the connection will be secured by SSL which is 443.


4) Click OK.


5) The SSL certificate is now installed successfully.


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