Installing Zabbix Agent on Windows

Posted on January 26th, 2019

This tutorial will help you install and configure the Zabbix agent on Windows Server.

Step 1:

Download the agent:

Step 2:

Extract the zip file.

Step 3:

Make a new directory c:\zabbix\ (or any other path you may find convenient.

Step 4:

Copy the contents of the bin file and the config file into the new folder you created. I like to merge both the bin and the config folder together.


Open the zabbix_agentd_win.conf file.

modify the server= line and add the ip address of the Zabbix server that will monitor this agent. here is my example:



modify the hostname= line and set it to match the name of your server.

Step 6:

Next the agent needs to be registered into windows as a service using this command

c:\zabbix\zabbix_agentd.exe -c c:\zabbix\ -i

Step 7:

Now you can go to windows services and start the agent just like any other service.

The installation of agent is now complete. Your Zabbix server should now be able to monitor the agent.


Enable ICMP on windows server firewall in power shell:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="ICMP Allow incoming V4 echo request" protocol="icmpv4:8,any" dir=in action=allow

Open port 10050 for zabbix agent

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Open Port 10050" dir=in action=allow protocol=TCP localport=10050

Monitoring HP SmartArray with Zabbix Agent

Download the HP Raid CLI.

(the above link maybe out dated. Click on “releases” to see if there are newer versions available.)

copy file the agent file into the Zabbix folder

add this into

UserParameter=hp.smartarray[*],powershell -NoProfile -NoLogo -File “c:\zabbix\Zbx-HPSmartArray.ps1” $1 $2 $3 $4

restart the service

Restart-Service “Zabbix Agent”

See if your controller is detected

.\Zbx-HPSmartArray.ps1 lld ctrl

Check the health of the first drive on contorler 0

.\Zbx-HPSmartArray.ps1 health pd 0 “1I:1:1”


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