Interserver WHMCS Module

By on October 23rd, 2015

Interserver Provisioning  WHMCS Module 

We have a WHMCS provisioning module which provides you the communication of your WHMCS instance with INET server.

Inet server module is for resellers of “”

Resellers can manage their all orders for VPS and billing from WHMCS.

This module provisions VPS for reseller on Inet Server.
Reseller can also suspend, unsuspend and terminate accounts from WHMCS.

*NOTE* You must have PHP SOAP enabled on server for this to work. Here are directions:

Follow below to install module on your WHMCS:

=> Download the WHCMS module here
=> Please unzip “”

=> Upload folder “interserver” to  whmcs dir ->modules -> servers

=> Upload file “change_imagesize.php” to whmcs dir -> includes -> hooks

=> Upload file “install_interserver_module.php” to root directory of WHMCS

=> Upload file “english.php” to whmcs dir->lang folder

Open “install_interserver_module.php” in your borwser (, You will see a wizard to install the module.

Read instructions carefully

1. url should be
2. Username is your email address for “”
3. Your password for

Your configuration is not completed yet, You still need to stay on this to do some more configuration.

If your API credentials are correct then you have a area where you can manage your WHMCS products for inetserver.(Please read instructions on screen)


Now click on “Install” and your installation is completed within few minutes.


You have the option of automatic setup of accounts or manual. If  you choose automatic setup your must have an active credit card on file or available prepay balance. 

Login as admin user on your WHMCS: Go to setup->Products/Services
You will see a Group named “interserver” and a list of seven products, Click on edit button of product.

In edit panel of product, Under “Module Settings” Tab, At the bottom of settings page, you will see four options.
Here you can set that when you want your module create command should run.


—- All done with configuration, Now your module is ready to order product and provision with server API.

7 Responses to “Interserver WHMCS Module”

  1. Naresh Koli says:


    How to remove it from whmcs, I need to reinstall this module

  2. bruce hall says:

    wow – that looks rather hard.

    Any reason Interserver doesn’t do automatic installs of WHMCS for reseller accounts which is what the other players do?

  3. Bala says:

    I send an email that I want to sell VPS through WHMCS. Con you tell me the details please?


    • Jithin says:

      Hello Bala,

      If you have a reseller account with us, then installing “InterServer WHMCS Module” will let you order VPS and provision with our API. If you are having any issues and if you already opened a ticket regarding this, then please follow up via ticket and we will further assist you.

      • Bala says:

        Hi Jithin,

        I don’t have reseller account with interserver. But I have another reseller account. Is this possible to sell VPS with other reseller? Actually I don’t want to buy another reseller package. I contact the sales team several times but didn’t get a proper instructions about that.

        It would be very helpful if there is any way to sell the VPS through whmcs. If you need prepaid balance when someone buy the balance will be deducted from my account, I’m agree with that also. But I really don’t want to buy another reseller account.

        Please reply.

        • Jithin says:

          Hello Bala,

          This is a custom WHMCS module and will only work with our Reseller plans. I understand you have a reseller account with another host so don’t want to purchase additional reseller account from us for this. The only solution would be – Maybe you can purchase a reseller plan from us and we can also help you migrate your accounts from previous host to us. Then you can cancel your account with previous host. After that you can install this WHMCS module to expand your reseller business by start selling our VPS. If you need help with migration, please open a ticket with us –

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