6 Leading Helpdesk Plugins For Efficient Customer Support

By on October 11th, 2021

There are many types of support mechanisms to consider for your business. WordPress helpdesk plugin is one of the best ways to help your customers. It gives you a centralized way to manage support tickets and customer inquiry emails straight from the WordPress dashboard. Apart from that, some key differences make a helpdesk system effective from other systems like a knowledge base, FAQs page, and SaaS.

A knowledge base plugin, for instance, helps you create a place where customers can find their answers. Besides that, a helpdesk plugin allows your support team to receive, manage and respond directly to customer questions. It also offers more personalized support.

And while there are various SaaS solutions for helpdesk management, a dedicated helpdesk plugin integrated directly into your WordPress website fulfill your needs effectively for the following reasons:

  • WordPress helpdesk plugins can be purchased for a small one-time or annual fee, while a SaaS solution will have high monthly recurring costs.
  • Even if your annual subscription expires, you can continue using a helpdesk plugin. It’s also compatible with future releases of WordPress. You don’t get the same convenience with SaaS tools.
  • With a helpdesk plugin, you can manage customer communication from your WordPress site without relying on an external service’s ecosystem.

 Why is the Help Desk so important?

A Help Desk and Support is important because it will help your customers find their solutions and answers. They go for Customer Support when they find some issue or any query about the product. Even more than thaṭ, the help desk can help them forward their question in a fast and reliable way because time is also crucial for all of us. It will help to manage customer queries and complaints with the order of come in. It will assign a ticket, and then it will redirect them to the correct department.

In other words, as the complaint and query come in. it will be resolved by its ticket number. You can see the whole customer support history of specific customers. As soon as the customer leaves with a smile, the ticket goes to the desk.

So, our first goal is to offer the most feature-rich plugin information. So, you can utilize the opportunity and do something creative. So, in this case, we are going to talk about HelpDesk Plugins. However, you need to select the right HelpDesk plugin for your site. You will be required to choose the plugin which fulfills the needs of your customers. It should be quick and responsive. So, we will discuss both third-party as well as WordPress library plugins. Here, we have listed the best help desk plugins for customer support.

  1. Zendesk for WordPress
  2. RichPanel Helpdesk & Live Chat for Woocommerce
  3. Help Scout
  4. Awesome Support
  5. WPHelpDesk

1. Zendesk for WordPress

Zendesk is one of the popular helpdesks for customer support. The plugin supports various products, teams, and doc’s as well. It also works with any WordPress site. Logged-in users will be allowed on your WordPress site to access the Helpdesk.

Your ticket will be available on your WordPress dashboard. Moreover, you can also convert comments into customer support. This plugin also allows you to add Zendesk Dropbox anywhere on your site. Furthermore, you can also turn on your comments straight into Zendesk Support for tickets. The plugin will allow you to add Zendesk support web widgets to any pages of your site.

Additionally, you will be able to add the Zendesk support feedback tab anywhere on web pages. So, it becomes easy for users to search your knowledge base or submit a ticket. Also, you can completely customize the tab and widget in your way.

However, Zendesk Support Dropbox will be soon replaced by a web widget. You are allowed to use your dropbox. Although using this web widget, you can easily embed tickets and chat on your website. Moreover, with the help of Zendesk, you can create a short contact form for users. So users can easily submit their questions by filling up the contact form.

To use this plugin, you will be required to register for a Zendesk account. With a single sign-on Zendesk remote authentication, your users can easily submit the ticket without a login process. This plugin also provides an improved user experience on mobile web browsers. Thus, this way, you can quickly turn your comments into a ticket. So, here you can see the list of features provided by this plugin. Let’s discuss each one by one briefly.


  • The Zendesk plugin can convert user’s or visitor’s comments into tickets. It comes with Dropbox and feedback tab features.
  • It also allows you to add their web widget. So, you can embed tickets and chat on your site. It will help your site and increase engagement time.
  • It also allows you to create contact forms. So users can easily ask questions by filling the form.
  • The premium feature includes custom layouts and additional storage.
  • Zendesk has multiple add-ons along with advanced features in its premium plans.
  • The plugin will let you moderate the fields in ticket forms as well.


Zendesk offers three plans – Suite Team, Suite Growth, and Suite Professional. Each plan will unlock advanced features for your site. Suite Team is a feature-packed plan that includes – industry-leading ticket system, data & file storage. However, you will get only a single help center. Suite Team costs $49 per agent/month.

Suite Growth and Suite Professional retail $79 and $99 per month, respectively. You will get a customizable ticket layout, multilingual support & content, and many more in these plans. Additionally, the plugin also offers plans for enterprise at $215 per month, along with powerful features. You can even start with foundation support only that costs $19 monthly. Hence, Zendesk is a powerful helpdesk plugin for quick customer support.

2. RichPanel Helpdesk & Live Chat for Woocommerce

The WooCommerce Helpdesk, Live Chat plugin is an all-in-one customer support solution. The plugin combines RichPanels customer management tools and analytics with the popular WooCommerce extension.

You must have a Richpanel account to use the plugin. The Premium plan starts at $50 per month. Considering it’s equivalent to combining a HelpScout membership with multiple premium WooCommerce upgrades. After signing up, you can sync WooCommerce with Richpanel and start using the plugin. Richpanel makes it easy to manage your customer’s needs, support requests and sales analytics effortlessly. The software creates customer profiles so you can see their purchase history. Thus, you can anticipate their needs and increase your conversion rates.

But besides that, Richpanel includes built-in options for live chat support. This way, you can provide customers with instant help as they need it. The live chat is mobile-friendly and easy to embed on your website. The service also includes a full-featured helpdesk set up so customers can open tickets. Thus, it’s easy to manage your support staff using the agent screen. Using this plugin, you can assign keys, set priorities, and follow up with open cases. You can even set up filters to target keywords and assign tickets to specific support teams. Staff can also view customer’s purchase history and activity timeline to provide targeted support.

If you are using WooCommerce, Rich Panel WooCommerce Help Desk is likely the best option for your help desk setup. The combination of live chat, ticketing, and detailed data & reporting makes it possible for you to provide better customer support while also maximizing your conversion rates.


  • RichPanel plugin provides multi-channel help desk support. It includes email, live chat, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Support.
  • You will have conversation filters and custom tag features. So, you can easily manage the queries.
  • It also gives a full report of sales analytics and support requests.
  • It is particularly suited for users having Woocommerce because it has perfect tools which can easily manage E-store complaints and queries.
  • Richpanel includes built-in options for live chat customer support. With it, you can connect to your customers directly. And it is also important for your business.


RichPanel helpDesk has four plans- Starter, Regular, Self- service Pro and Enterprise. The starter plan includes only 350 conversations and multi-channel support. It costs $99 per month. However, if you want to increase the number of exchanges, you can buy 100 conversations at $25. The regular plan costs $299 per month. While Self service Pro retails $999 per month. If you want to go for a Custom enterprise plan, then you can directly contact the service.

3. Help Scout

Help Scout is also an effective help desk plugin for customer support. The plugin has over 90 integrations. Thus, you can easily connect Help Scout with any service. It uses an advanced formatting feature that provides formatting options for replies and notes. You can attach files up to 10 MB file size.

The plugin offers auto-reply and bulk action features. Thus, you can quickly respond to the bulk question at one time. It also provides live chat for your users. However, you need to install Beacon on your site to activate live chats.

You will also have excellent email support. Hence, you can communicate with your users via mail. Additionally, you can even manage emails of multiple brands and sites as well. You will be able to create numerous knowledge bases for your products. So, let’s discuss all the features of this plugin. Here, you can see the list.


  • The plugin provides auto-reply and bulk action features. So, you can quickly respond to clients at one time.
  • Clients can also attach the files. However, it has a file size limit of up to 10 MB.
  • You will get real-time alerts when people are viewing or replying to the same conversation.
  • The Help Scout plugin also provides a live chat feature. So, you can easily connect with the customer and solve the issue and make the sale.
  • Moreover, Help Scout can parse incoming voicemails from 50+ different providers, unlike other plugins.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can manage your whole team from one dashboard. It provides filter, export, and drill-down options—all you can do with your fingertip.


The plugin comes with three plans – Standard, Plus, and Company. Standard and plans cost $20 and $35 per month, respectively. Also, the Standard method includes three mailboxes and a live chat feature. Moreover, you will also get 50+ integrations in this plan. At the same time, the Plus plan consists of custom fields and add-ons. You can have 15 days free trial before purchasing any plans. It does have separate plans for large-scale companies that include powerful features. Hence, the Helpdesk has affordable and feature-rich plans.

4. Awesome Support

Awesome support is another popular helpdesk plugin for customer support. The basic features are available in the free version. However, the features in the free version are enough for a good ticket system. You will be able to use the service in 5 minutes after installation. Users can easily submit the ticket without a login process. Moreover, using this plugin, you can easily import keys from Zendesk and Help Scout. Awesome support provides an importer add-on in a free version, unlike other plugins.

You will have an email notifications feature. So you can interact with relevant parties via email. The plugin also provides customizable email notifications. This plugin ensures security by restricting access to the correspondence. All the correspondence between client and agent will be private. However, you need to subscribe to their premium version to use this feature.

Like other plugins, it also provides customizable fields in the ticket form. You will have 13 field options. Also, you can display tickets anywhere on your site. Additionally, if you sign up for their newsletter, then you will get their custom status plugin for free. With the help of the custom status plugin, you can easily customize ticket labels with multiple features. Moreover, clients can attach as many files as for each ticket. So, let’s discuss all the features of this plugin.


  • You will be provided 28+ premium add-ons. All the add-ons are affordable under $50. However, the add-ons are not included in their Standard and Pro plans.
  • The plugin provides a canned response add-on. The add-on will help you to click one-click replies for common questions. Although, the add-on is available in the premium version.
  • The automatic ticket close add-on will close old tickets. Additionally, you can even send messages to clients before closing the tickets.
  • You will have 13+ custom fields for ticket forms.
  • Moreover, you can also lock the closed tickets using their productivity power back. So users can’t open the ticket.


Awesome support offers four feature-rich plans they are Standard, Pro, Enterprise, and Agency plans. The standard plan is most suitable for regular users. However, if you would like to explore their advanced features, you can purchase a Pro plan. Enterprise and Agency plans are ideal for large-scale companies. Standard and Pro plans cost $149 and $229 per year, respectively. However, Enterprise and Agency plan retail $289 and $409, respectively.

Standard and Pro plan consists of unlimited tickets, unlimited agents, and 1-year support and update. Moreover, you will have Mail chimp integration and custom labels features in these two plans.

5. WPHelpDesk

WPHelpDesk is a premium WordPress help desk plugin for customer support. It runs on your WordPress site and provides complete control over your support system.

The plugin integrates seamlessly into your WordPress site. Also, it can be used with any WordPress theme. You get unlimited agents, email notifications, ticketing system, file, and media uploads, and custom fields. The plugin website has a demo for both client and agent to check both the back-end and front-end of the software.

With easy searching and filtering, you can quickly find and query any support ticket. The plugin links customers directly to their support tickets so you can see a complete history of their requests. You will have various integrations such as Woocommerce, Ninja forms, and Easy digital downloads.

It provides canned response and custom fields features as well. You can easily customize your Helpdesk. It will let you add dropdown or text custom fields and use a simple custom fields editor. Moreover, users can easily import their tickets from email using this plugin. Additionally, it will let users create public forums so that agents and clients can interact. Here, you can see the list of provided features by this plugin.


  • The plugin comes with custom field options for ticket submission forms.
  • You will have a canned response feature as well. Thus, you will be able to create replies for the same questions.
  • Users can easily import the tickets from email.
  • The plugin also lets users create public forums so that they can interact with agents directly.


WPHelpDesk is bundled with a ticket submission form. Thus, you can put it on any page on your site. This form allows file uploads and is extendable using Custom Fields. WPHelpDesk plugin offers three plans – Standard, Professional, and Concierge. The Standard plan costs $99 per year along with many features. However, if you want to have add-ons, then you can purchase a Professional plan. The Professional plan costs $199 per year. The Concierge plan includes add-ons and configurations as well that costs $999 per year.

6. WSDesk – ELEX WordPress HelpDesk

With WSDesk, you can easily add a complete customer support system to WordPress. You can install and use the setup wizard to get started. Then, you can add all of your agents – there’s no extra charge since you’re managing your support platform. The process is the same for tickets.

Using WSDesk, there’s no limit on the number your customers can submit. And you can even assign agents, statuses (unsolved, pending, solved), and tags to keep your tickets organized. Unlike other plugins, WSDesk stores all of your data on your site. So you’re in charge of your customer and support data.

WSDesk also offers built-in options to make your support easier. It enables email notifications, automatic ticket close after inactivity, assignment by department, and more. Moreover, you can add canned responses for your agents. It’s easy to check up on your team using the agent ratings and ticket reports. You can also use IMAP or Google OAuth to create tickets from unread emails automatically. So, let’s discuss all the features provided by this plugin. Here, you can see the list of the features.


  • The plugin lets you handle unlimited agent profiles and tickets.
  • WSDeskincludes features such as bulk changing of Ticket status, Merging tickets, Ticket search & filters, Custom ticket views.
  • You can keep your customer support team updated regarding all the tickets through Google Chat.
  • The plugin generates custom Agent reports, Date-wise reports for Tickets, Satisfaction survey reports, Ticket resolution reports, and Reports based on Ticket tags.
  • Using an agent signature add-on, you can easily add a custom signature to your agents and supervisors in HTML format.

Other plugin features include integrations for WooCommerce, EDD, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and WPML. As well as simple XML backups, a premium SMS notification add-on, and tons of customizations.


Single site license costs $89 per month. However, if you would like to have a license for multiple sites, then you can purchase a plan at $125. Also, you can get a license for up to 25 sites. The plugin also ensures a 30 days money-back guarantee.

You can see the pricing details in the image below,


Above mentioned help desk plugins offer your customers a better user experience as well as fulfill their needs. HelpDesk plugins are used to help your customer solve their queries. Many plugins let your users create public forums to discuss their questions with agents. They also allow your users to submit the tickets easily. However, they also provide various features for back-end agents.

Agents are provided with customization tools for ticket submission forms or contact forms. They offer various custom fields. Moreover, you can also convert a user’s comment into a ticket. The most popular helpDesk plugin is Zendesk that provides you affordable and feature-rich plans. Help Scout and Awesome Support are also very effective to help desk plugins.

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