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Posted on October 21st, 2017

The is the portal where you can start, manage and cancel services with InterServer. You can to loginĀ  to make a payment, add a credit card, raise a support ticket, etc. It’s easy to login to your portal. This guide will show you how you can login to

Go to the login page:

Now you will get a login prompt as shown in the below screenshot. You can login to your account by entering your registered email address in the first text field “Email Address” and your password in the second text field “Password”. Now click on the button “Login” and you will be in your account. That’s it!


You can see an “eye” icon at the right end of the password field. If you are in doubt about the password, you can view the entered password by clicking on it. Also, for your convenience, there is a “Remember Me” checkbox. If you put a check mark on it, the browser will remember your login details and you will not need to re-enter them when you login next time.

On the right end, there is a link “Forgot your password?”. You can click on it to reset your password if needed. When clicking on the link, you will be lead to the password reset page. You need to enter your registered email address in the text field on the page and click on the button “Mail Me The Password Reset Link”. A password reset link will be sent to the entered email address. For reference, a sample password reset page is added below.


You can also login with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you feel our old signup page is convenient for you, you can go there by clicking on the link “use old signup page”.

For improved security, InterServer allows limiting the access to your portal. This limit is set based on IP addresses. You can define an IP range so that no other IP address will be able to login to your account. Isn’t it interesting?

Once you are logged into your portal, you can add session limit from the Billing >> Session Limits. In the next page, you can specify an IP range. Now, click on the button “Add” to add the limit to your portal as shown in the below screenshot.


Please be aware that your portal will not be accessible from any IP address other than in the IP range. So be careful when using this feature.


If you need any further help please contact our support department.



13 Responses to “How to login or access”

  1. Yohana Elisha says:

    What is going on, I cannot login

    • Hello John,

      Greetings from InterServer support. We are really sorry to hear that you are unable to access your account with us.

      Please feel free to send an email from your registered email ID to to support[AT]interserver[DOT]net and concerned department should be definitely able to assist you.

      Have a great day.

  2. Gulfam says:

    I am unable to log in

  3. Amy says:

    I can not use elementor to edit anymore on my dashboard. so please do some thing about it asap.

  4. NAGENDRA says:


    In order to protect our company, accounts are checked with services like Maxmind and in this case, Maxmind has given the account a score that shows there is a potential for fraud. Our system has automatically locked your account in order to protect our company and its assets. You can find more information in our Terms of Service:

    The account has been unlocked now. You can access and try to log in. Please feel free to contact us back if you are experiencing any issues.


  5. King says:

    how do you make a ping call?

  6. Satire says:

    I am unable to log into my account and also go through to my domain, can the helpdesk help ?

  7. Jokonor Michael says:

    Hello sir, my website is down

  8. Shahzad Gul khan says:

    Sir I am unable to open my account.i do not get a security domain hosting is still pending why.plz guide me.

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