Manage Advertisement in ClipBucket

Posted on April 19th, 2016

In this documentation, we can check how to manage advertisement in ClipBucket.


1) Login to ClipBucket admin panel.

2) Go to ‘Advertisement’.

Manage Advertisement


3) Click the option ‘Manage Advertisement’.

Manage Advertisement


4) Enter the details.

Manage Advertisement


5) Click the button ‘Add Advertisement’.

Manage Advertisement


6) You can edit the advertisement details by clicking the button ‘Edit’.

Advertisement in ClipBucket


7) You can delete the advertisement by clicking the button ‘Delete’.

Manage Advertisement


That is how we can manage advertisement in ClipBucket.


If you need any further help please reach our support department.



2 Responses to “Manage Advertisement in ClipBucket”

  1. King Sufu says:

    I am the webmaster for and have been trying to create and manage ads on the website to no avail. I followed your explicit tutorial but nothing is being displayed. Please help me solve this advertisement management problem. The a fore mentioned website runs clipbucket version 2.7.*
    Nice regards

    • jithin says:


      Normally no additional settings or customizations are required to make the ad working in ClipBucket. It’s some basic codes and works fine unless it conflicts with some other installed CB addons or modules. You may check it and if nothing works and if you have an account with us, then we can check this for you. ( )

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