Manage Banned Emails in WHMCS

By on April 19th, 2016

Web hosting business is difficult when it comes to quality control. There are hundreds of methods to abuse the services. For example, Spammers can use the Virtual Private Server or a PHP script on a web hosting account to send Mass E-mails using the Web hosting provider’s IP address.

These types of abuses are not good for a web hosting provider. It is because this results in the flagged IP addresses in popular E-mail service providers like Gmail. Once it is flagged, the messages sent from that IP address always reaches the Spam folder of a receiver.

To stop this kind of act, a web hosting provider has to ban specific accounts by E-mail addresses. Fortunately, if you are using WHMCS to manage your web hosting business, you can easily manage banned E-mail addresses directly from the WHMCS interface.

Manage Banned E-mails in WHMCS

First of all, log in to your WHMCS account. Then, click on the Setup -> Other -> Banned Emails option from the main menu. It will redirect you to a section where you can manage Banned Emails.

Banned Emails

On this page, you will see a field to enter an E-mail address. Just Enter the E-mail address you want to ban and click on the Add Banned Email button given after that field.

It will immediately add a new banned Email Address.

Banned Emails

Once it is added to the list, you will see a success message just like the following image.

Banned Emails

Just after the form, you will see a list of banned E-mails. To unban an E-mail address, just click on the corresponding “-“ button in the table.

Manage Banned Emails in WHMCS

So, this is how you can add and remove E-mail addresses to the Banned E-mails list. It is a very good security feature that you can utilize to keep spammers away from your business.

It is a very easy process. Still, if you have any questions regarding Banned E-mail addresses, please let us know in the comment section given below.

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