How to Manage CSF from WHM

Posted at January 20, 2018 at 2:47 am by Jithin

How to Manage CSF from WHM

CSF is a free and advanced firewall for Linux distributions and Linux based VPS. In addition to the basic functionalities of a firewall, CSF includes other security features such as login, intrusion, and flood detections. In this tutorial, we can check how to manage CSF from WHM.

1)  Log into WHM.

2) Go to ‘Plugins’ section.

Manage CSF


3) Select the button ‘ConfigServer Security &Firewall’.

Manage CSF


Unblock an IP Address in CSF

1) In order to find out an IP address is blocked or not, you can use the ‘Search for IP’ button on the ConfigServer Security Firewall page. You just simply enter the IP address which you want to search the search field.

2) Click the ‘Search for IP’ button.

Manage CSF


3) If the IP address is blocked, it will be shown on the next page.

4) Click the ‘Unblock’ button to unblock the IP address from the firewall.

Manage CSF


Allowing (Whitelisting) an IP Address

1)  In order to whitelist an IP address in the firewall (csf.allow), you can enter the IP address into the ‘Quick Allow’ section, along with an optional comment for the allow.

2) Click the ‘Quick Allow’ button to update the changes.

Manage CSF


Permanent Unblock

By adding IP address to the Quick Ignore option will prevent an IP address from being blocked by lfd by adding it to the ignore list (csf.ignore).

1) Go to the ‘Quick Ignore’ section and enter the IP address which you want to add.

2) Click the ‘Quick Ignore’ button to save the changes.

Manage CSF


Block an IP Address in CSF

1) Go to ‘Quick Deny’ option and enter the IP address that you want to block.

2) Click ‘Quick Deny’ button to update the changes.

‘Quick Deny’ will add an IP address to iptables deny list. This IP address will be blocked by the firewall.

Manage CSF


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